Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My 16th Week

Yes, I'm on my 16th week by now. got some 26 weeks to go..but the interesting part is that i'm over my first trimester! yeay!! and last week i felt the "quickening" from the baby. quite a few times. and yet very funny feeling.

Last week we moved out from Brunsfield apartment to our new apartment.. it was very very very tiring! have to pack up all my things.too many stuff, that i have to pack inside black garbage bag (XL!).Look at the picture, only one part of the 10 packing stuff.haha.. told you so!!
Weekend,Sunday, we went to buy ceiling fan for our living room, somewhere near subang jaya. some discount craze going on. quite interesting since the remote control fan, fell below than RM200. Then only we went to IKEA
to do some window shopping.. get some ideas to design our kitchen, which i would say we wont since the new terace house is coming next year. it'll totally be such a waste if we renovate this apt, but wont live here. Here are pictures of him at the IKEA cafe. Hoping to have the Fish and Chips, but all sold out.. :( very sad.

it is a craving? hmm.. dont think so.. i have so many things to eat, and not yet gotten. if i were to list the whole menu, my hubby would be the one who faint..so kesian..hehehe
Want to know? Here they are :
1. Nando's Espitada (plan to eat this week)
2. Fish and chips Ikea cafe
3. Steak TGIF (Cant eat this one.. very dangerous - raw/half cooked food is not recommendable to pregnant women :( )
4. McDonals's Breakfast McEgg with hash brown..yummy..
5. pisang goreng Section 19 (Had it last month..still not off the want list..haha)
6. Chocolate moist cake (ermmmm yummy yummy..)
7. Hushpuppies Long John Silver(kat mana nak cari kat malaysia ni - should be in the Cant Get List)
8. Buah Rambutan.. (bile ek nak musim?)
9. Papa John Pizza - Pineapple topping dipped with garlic sauce (have to wait for the Berjaya Group to bring this chain restaurant to msia, i guess)
10. Buah Nangka (kembung la perut kalau dpt makan..)
11.Crab cakes

and the list will go on and on and on.. dont ask.. it'll be loonnnngggg...

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