Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It has been a while since i blogged. well, what's new with me? Almost Everything!! haha
Alrite.. let me start..
First, i am married to the most loving and caring man in the world!

And.. A new life begins..

and in fact, a new life does begin.. inside of me..
i found out that we get pregnant on the day i'm late. not yet telling him bout getting late, i asked him to bring me to the nearest drug store, guardian. going back, i cant wait to do the test although the kit said that it will work perfectly if the test is done in the morning, since the HCG level would be at the highest for the first urine. around 9 pm (27 jan 09) it is confirmed that i'm preggy! how lucky we were that we get pregnant that early. i would say that is rezeki.
Today.. i'm officially 10 weeks. the due date will be on 3rd of October this year. well, that will be after hari raya. hopefully by that time i'm well-prepared and ready to be a mother. and him as a father..
Alhamdullilah, my second check-up yesterday went well. in fact of my uterus is inverted and cant be seen on the first check-up, this time around i could see it. there appeared to be fingers/hand and feet.. and also heartbeat.. very small yet convincing.. :)
hope to write some more. will find time another day..
wish me all the best..!

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