Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Story of Dy Airin : The Making of the Shawl

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Life as hectic as it can be. Okay, let's catch up!!


The birth of Dy Airin.

The Dy Airin Shawl
Alhamdulillah. Allah has grant my wish to start my own brand. Oh yeah, it will also wont come true without my business partner, who now prefers to be at the backstage. Without him, of course there will be no Dy Airin. The idea came about when we were discussing about how fast the tudung trend nowadays in Malaysia. And then we started really fast and came out with few designs.

The journey started from choosing the best good quality materials, selecting the designs, suppliers and finally the launching.

It has been very difficult to find a good quality shawl, easy to wear and tak panas. For me, the material is very important criteria to choose for a shawl.
During the selection of material and mock-up design

One of our Voyage Series - Metropolis.

I always ensure the material suits my need and passed my requirement. If i dont feel comfortable to wear, i will definitely not going  to select it.

After the confirmation of design and material.
And Alhamdulillah, it turned out to be very eventful memories  for Dy Airin.

We arranged for a shooting early April 2017 with Haizal, from Potrayal by HZ, the photographer.

My make up artist, as usual, Cahya Surfiqah

Very large studio

The model who worked with Dy Airin for the shooting, Syazana

She is very professional and talented.

With our photographer, Haizal

Thanks Haizal for your time

Much love for Syazana!

And lastly, thanks to my adik, Hanem for the assistance during the shooting
I will later share with you the collections of Dy Airin Shawl. and do take note that the collections are all LIMITED EDITION and very few stocks at hand now.


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