Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Premium Beautiful Raya 2017 Promotion & Testimonies

Hye all!

It is nearer to bulan Ramadhan & Syawal already. How time flies!!
Many of you started preparing for Raya earlier before bulan puasa started, just to skip the crowd and hassle, right?
And why not, start "preparing" for your body earlier? :)
There are a lot of ready-to-wear rtw raya in market nowadays. You name it, Rizman Ruzaini, Ashraff Zainal, Faizel Azraf, oh you name it! You can just go to Fashion Vallet and be amazed!! (Oh, let me blog about the raya fashion show ive attended later k)
Of course you wanna look good, right?  Why not you make it your priority this year, to stick to a good healthy meal, exercise and keep your body fit! Make sure this time around, you get the assistance of Premium Beautiful corset. Dont worry! I'll give you a special Raya Discount!
Just check out the so many testimonies -latest from our clients.
Within a month wearing the PB Corset, no more flabby tummy. Even her back pain gone!

No more Muffin Top!!

12 kg gone! Slimmer and of course healthier

Nak pakai rtw, mesti nak badan kemas, no more bonjol2 here & there. Thanks to Premium Beautiful corset, she is now in a great shape.

Better body posture.

11 kg gone! Badan lebih sihat & lebih confident bila bergambar.

Bila dah turun close to 10 kg, of course punggung & peha became smaller.
Thanks to Premium Beautiful Corset. The latest new testimonies showed the difference!

Dont worry, we have many options for purchase. Plus with the extra discounts and rebate up to RM600, you get extra savings from this deal.
You can either pay us by cash, by credit card with up to 12x installment (some credit card enjoys 0% interest!!) Or you can try apply Aeon credit from as low as RM98 *depends on the size.

Wait no More!
Text me 017-6511966 to ask for details.

Your Premium Beautiful Expert.

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