Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Puasa, Raya and Premium Beautiful Corset

Hye all!

It is almost Ramadhan!! Time flies sooo fast.

How's the preparation for Ramadhan? For me this year gonna be a sederhana one. Gonna learn to be more jimat with food especially!

Anyway, since Ramadhan and Raya is coming, demand for Premium Beautiful corset keeps on coming. Alhamdulillah. We received a lot of positive feedbacks from client. I would like to share with you our latest testimonies from real people.

Yes, Premium Beautiful corset offers you an immediate shaping effect! Ur tummy definitely gonna shrink, uve got the body shape u want almost within few minutes. Consistent wear of PB will help u retain the figure.

I couldnt agree more! During fasting, ur empty tummy will usually be growling, asking to be filled. But with Premium Beautiful corset, it will keep ur tummy as "packed". No empty spaces! 

People would ask, oh what can u do in one month to reduce weight for Raya? 2 kg sounds little to you? Just try to imagine how would a 2kg meat looks like? Or put it this way, 2kg of FAT? Banyak kan??

The most important for you to wear something EVERYDAY is COMFORT! You have to be comfortable to wear something everyday in order to be consistently wearing that. That is what Premium Beautiful corset has! The material is so comfy and stretchable you can wear it during sport.

Many of u complaint that most easier part of body to gain weight is butt. By wearing the Long Girdle, one of the piece in Premium Beautiful corset, you will feel how it supports and grips your butt to make it even firmer.

The other day my friend in Pantang mode told me, luckily she owns PB corset, else she'll be struggling herself to " wrap" in the bengkung lilit. Plus it helps reduce losing ur weight even faster.

This is exactly like me. I can eat a lot and gain nothing.

Yeah, different shape right?? Thanks to Premium Beautiful Corset, u'll get the flat tummy. Yeay!!
Wait no more, grab the best Promotion of Premium Beautiful corset today.

Ur premium beautiful expert

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