Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tempat makan best kat Penang

Hye All!
Trip to Penang last weekend? memang best!!
As usual, my trip will definitely promised good food! haahaha. I'm gonna share with you review on our trip to Penang with Jalan-jalan cari makan theme ;)
#1 : Juan Tomyam Seafood Batu Feringgi
We were looking for malay restaurants in Batu Feringgi and it was quite frustrating. Luckily we went to the nearby PETRONAS Batu Feringgi (where we can only locate McDonald there and almost had dinner there) and we found a malay restaurant named : Juan Tomyam Seafood.
 They offered menu in sets. We did select Set A for 2 people and add extra rice for kiddos.
And you know what, it was super cheap! RM25 for 2 plain rice, tomyam campur, bawal sweet sour, kailan ikan masin and telur dadar.
The taste? sedap jugak. Not bad.
#2 : Nasi Kandar Beratur
Ive been told by my colleague that Nasi Kandar Beratur started their business from 10 pm. 10 pm okay, not 10 am!
Nasi Kandar Beratur located at Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling. you can just waze your way there.
We had our supper at 12 midnight (I was hungry after our early dinner. hiks)

We are lucky that there were very few crowd that hour. I had my first nasi kandar in Penang! wee!
I had plain rice with daging and bendi. of course la, kuah campur!
the taste?? sedap! I dont usually eat spicy food and I like the curry sebab tak pedas sangat. If makan banjir macam ni kat KL, confirm I tak habis sbb kepedasan. and the best part is, this plate cost me RM4 only! kalau kat KL RM7++ confirm

#3 : Merlin Nasi Kandar

This restaurant opens as early as 10 am. So we went there for our brunch around 11 am. Thanks to Duan, he introduced us to this restaurant. He said, kalau lambat, confirm habis na..

Same lauk. Daging + bendi + kuah campur

Price? I think murah jugak, tak tau sebab Duan belanja all of us :D

Rasa? Macam lebih sedap dari Nasi Kandar Beratur.

#4 : Sky Terrace, Bukit Bendera

Sky Terrace ni best untuk lepak2 chillin'
I ordered Ice Chocolate. Harga? After GST + Service Charge RM17++. hiks
Tempat ni best utk lepak2

Scenery memang cantik, overlooking Penang from top hill.

#5 : Bukit Bendera Food Court

We were looking for strawberries sebab lissa nampak signboard strawberry hill. masa tu dok pikey mana nak cari strawberry ni. ni bukan Cameron highlands. but luckily masa tu borak2 dgn worker kat situ, dia inform, ada org jual fruits kat food court.
Mula2 tu pelik gak nak cari mana ade food court, rupanye it is near the Owl Museum.
Although the strawberries taste far off from the one in Cameron, tapi dapat puaskan hati Lissa pun jadi lah. dari muncung manjang kan..
The serving of strawberry cost us RM10 per plate. the mixed fruits about RM12 kalau tak silap.
Bersungguh kacau chocolate and whipped cream
Inside this food court, banyak sangat stall. harga lebih kurang je. ade dua tingkat. tingkat atas all hot food mcm laksa and nasi goreng. level bawah all drinks, ice cream and fruits.

#6 Nurul Ikan Bakar

Nurul ikan bakar served you all the seafood dishes. It is located at Kampung Sungai Gelugor. A bit far from our stay. It took us approximately an hour to reach it, including the heavy traffic during malam minggu.

Since most of us are exhausted during the whole day, this is the only picture I snapped. lulz!
The setup of the place is really awesome. We can opt for the one like normal table in restaurant, choose naik atas pondok, duduk bersila and many other setting.
But if sampai during peak hours, memang jenuh lah nak dapat tempat.
luckily for us, Eida, our friend, local in Penang. Siap call and tempah nak makan apa.
The price? quite reasonable. We had siakap sweet sour, half kg of udang sambal, sotong gorenng tepung for two, ikan pari bakar, kangkung goreng for two, jugs off watermelon juice and tea; cost us about RM200. there were 8 of us.

#7 Pasembur Gurney Drive

Balik from Seafood, I was thinking to drop by at the Pasembur at Gurney Drive. bukan sebab tak kenyang, tapi both of my kiddos masa kat nurul ikan bakar tidur and refused to eat.
On the way tu, both sibuk bising lapar. So we dropped by at Gurney Drive and tapau the pasembur.

Memang banyak choice, ketam udang segala bagai. but I remember people remind me not to take those stuff sebab confirm mahal.
So I took 2 sausages (hanie's request), a crab stick (lissa's) and 3,4 other kuih.
Cost me RM14.
Kuah sedap, so walaupun mcm mahal, makan gak la. (okay fine, I ate a lot during this trip! non-stop!!)

#8 Restoran Terapung Mee Udang Pulau Aman

Our last stop for food the next day before we went back to KL.

Nak datang sini a bit adventure tau. If you're from Penang island, kena drive ke main land dulu, then take exit Tambun, right after Juru. right after toll, take right turn and follow the signboard of "Jeti Batu Kawan". It is nearby Stadium batu kawan. Then naik boat to Pulau Aman. I will blog about our journey to this Pulau Aman later.
Menu yang ada memang limited and fixed.
If nak order ikan or ketam, boleh singgah tempat pendaratan nelayan dulu, pick your ikan or ketam, then bawa ke restaurant. They can only stim it for you. takde masak sweetsour ke tiga rasa ye :P
Nasi goreng udang dia memang sedappp! Teringat sampai sekarang.haha. only RM6 per plate. total 3 udang satu pinggan
Mee udang pun sedap tau
RM6 jugak per plate.

So, total 8 places yang boleh dikategorikan tempat makan best kat Penang.
Mesti uols wondering berapa lama we ols kat penang? hahaha sebab banyak sangat tempat yg kami pegi. Kalau ikutkan only 2 days and 2 nights. 
I know banyak lagi tempat yng tak sempat pegi.

This is what my friend suggested before we went to Penang. Good luck reading his writing.hiks

Next gonna be :
1. Laksa janggus - Balik Pulau
2. Nasi kandar Line Clear
3. Pasembur MEnari
4. Restaurant Hamediah
5. Warung Paksu
Bila ntah next trip pun tak tahu, yang pastinya, we definitely gonna come there soon!!

Harga murah, makanan sedap.

Thanks Penang!

Thanks for putting me on another 2 kg weight. huwahuwaa! *plank and zumba mode*

If you guys ada tempat yg best, sila suggest ye. Next trip, confirm terjah.

Jalan-jalan cari makan sangat!!! hahaha


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