Monday, April 27, 2015

Diamond Night 2015 : An Event to Remember Part 1

Hye All!

How's Monday today? Monday blues? hehe. Same here!

Now, get rid of the Monday blues by reading this entry ;) It was a night to remember..

The Diamond Night 2015

We have been talking about the event since early this year. The preparation; outfit, dress, theme, make-up and mua. All about it since early January 2015!

It was held on 18th April 2015.

Me and part of my business partners; Izzah, Aimie and Rose decided to get ready with the same mua from my house.

The result?
The magic touch from an aircraft engineer!!
Believe it or not, he did a GREAT job with all of us.
Super gojes makeup.
See? The gadgets!
With Cuki Ajis.
Thanks for the lovely makeup dear
Im readyyy
My business partner, Nurul Iezzah from Rembau.
She is now progressing really really good.
On her way to RM60k sales this month!
With my backbone.
Aimie Atiqah, another great business partner. She came all the way from Parit Buntar just to attend the dinner.
She is now on her way to RM20k sales!
Chaiyok Amy
With my business partner, Rose Hanafiah from Cheras.
She is a QS and doing business part time.
But Im so proud of her, also progressing towards RM20k sales this month.

I am ready!!
Wearing shawl by AEGlamCulture
Skirt by
The event was held in Setia City Convention Center, Shah Alam.
Once arrived, we looked for spot to pose! That's a MUST thing to do, hokay! ;)

With my team before the event. (missing Sue Hamsanah in the pix)

With some of The Diamond Circle team who arrived earlier

Ala Super Models masing2. haha
With supportive husband
I cant do this without him

Thanks yang!

Love the comfy rtw skirt by Rizman Ruzaini
And the event started.
Me and team during the dinner
It was a large crowd close to 2000 people!!
An event to remember
Hai-O officially announced our new company name and look;
Sahajidah Hai-O
The main person of Sahajidah Hai-O, Y. Bhg. Tan Sri Osman S. Cassim,
Me with DDM Ain.
We were exschoolmate in MRSM Jasin.
She is now still doing business part time, an engineer in MMHE in JB
With the other GLAMpreneurs
Gambar WAJIB!
With founder of GLAM, CDM Hanis Haizi
She's wearing dress by Rizalman. Gorgeous sangat!
With co-founder of GLAM, husband of CDM Hanis Haizi, CDM Razali Zain.
His idea and motivation are stuff that made GLAM, GLAM today.
The classic music accompany us
The MEN behind GLAM!
The Diamond Circle Team

With the rest of GLAMpreneurs
Banyakkan pictures??
Still got a lot!!

As usual, every event will be a great one for us. Been in the team, I am so thankful and glad. We are a team. We are one.

Stay tuned for Part 2 ;)



norihan hashim said...

Nice dress u got. Kat mana u buat ?

Airin Diana Anuar said...

Hi dear. Thanks for reading my entry yg tak seberapa ni :)

Dress ni mixed and matched je. Baju I beli kat Setia City Mall. Skirt from Rizman Ruzaini.

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