Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Germany vs Brazil World Cup 2014

It was hysterical!

Brazil lost to Germany 1-7 in this morning semi-final world cup 2014 match.

It is okay, Brazil. At least you dont have to go home, eh? 

Let's look at the stat:

Brazil stunned as Thomas Muller and Co score four goals in SIX minutes to reach World Cup final!
Was is because Neymar wasnt playing due to the back injury? Too bad.

Anyway, Ive been rooting for Germany since the beginning. 
They might lose but as you know, it is a football. anything can happen, right?

Lets take a look at some highlights during the game.
Boleh dikatakan Bola Leret. What a shame.


Muller and Klose. The stars for this match
I was laughing out loud when listening to the Mix Fm The Mix Breakfast, when Sarimah Ibrahim said something like, if Suarez were on the Brazil team this morning, he'll be eating every Germany's players out!!
And even The Rod mentioned that JDT players will do much better than Brazil if they were to have a match together.

Now, lets predict tomorow's game between Argentina and Netherlands. I'll vote for Van Persie. Hope he can play and gets out of the injury.

What's your prediction?

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