Thursday, August 1, 2013

Our Persiapan Hari Raya

Assalamualaikum All

It will be another 6-7 days left in Ramadhan
Mixed feelings, excited because of the raya thingy and sad this Ramadhan will be over..

Alhamdulillah, our last minute preparation for baju raya almost over.
I started hunting for my first baju raya during the visit to Jovian Mandagie boutique Private Hi-Tea Party with Glampreneurs. You can read the previous entry here
Masa nak pilih the RTW tu, a bit rambang mata since all the designs are WOW!
baju raya jovian jovianista rtw
 Pre-booked the Jachynta, due to the "kelabuhan" baju.. sopan sket ye :) hehe
jachynta baju rtw jovian
And it arrived last week, with good condition.
jachynta baju rtw jovian
jachynta baju rtw jovian
Yes, tested it and surprisingly, it was like made for me.
being tall at 170 cm or 5'6" always made me grumbled when looking for baju kurung. If i choose S size, the skirt will be short. if i choose M, the blouse would be a lil loose, still can trolerate, but the skirt will be singkat. L? no no, macam baju pinjam.
But the Jovian's nothing like that. the skirt is as long as my leg (chewah!) and the baju sits right on my shoulder, perfectly!!
No, will only revealed during the hari raya day, okay?

Not to forget, mr husband's shirt, which has mesmerized me!
jachynta baju rtw jovian jhomme
Remember this?
jachynta baju rtw jovian jhomme
 And there he was..
jachynta baju rtw jovian jhomme
jHomme shirt for men
The thing i love about it is the material. it is a super high quality and so worth for the money.

Now, that will be my Hari Raya Pertama clothing.

Shopped for what to wear during Iftar with GLAM last 2 weeks at JW Marriot, since the theme was Green, and i dont have any baju kurung with green color.. believe it or not!
i went to Bangi after an appointment there and looked for it. 
bangi butik baju raya
Funny when the boutique says : Benang Hijau!
bangi butik baju raya
Dah siap pakai both sedondon baju raya for hari raya ke-3 kot..hehe

bangi butik baju raya glam iftar
Memang terasa meriah when we gather together and all wearing baju raya :)

glam iftar
and now, boleh la kot wish Selamat Hari Raya
Then, we took advantages of the 3 days weekend break last week during Nuzul Quran. and since i had a business appointment early that morning at Midvallet Megamall, right after that we shopped til drop for kiddos baju raya.
midvalley baju raya
Settle terus 3 pasang untuk both Lissa & Hanie.
Time to posed.
Our 3rd day baju raya. matched with mama & abah, Lime green

Lissa - 3rd day baju raya. Light green.
Our 1st day baju raya. forest green / jungle green 
Our 2nd day baju raya. pinky red with style ;)
I've bought a few matching dresses for both of them.
Just because of the age gap, Lissa falls under 4-6 category, while hanie under 1-3. so no matching baju kurung for them
luckily la ade gown yg matched from 1 to 6 :)

So with that, alhamdulillah, the prep almost over.
tinggal baju melayu for mr hubby je..

All the expenses were not cheap. those kids' clothing reached on average RM100 per piece. tu baju biasa2 je. belum lagi kebaya sulam bagai.. can reached RM200-300 per piece. pakai pun boleh setahun je, then dah tak muat.. sayang..
bayangkan memang tak cukup kalau nak harap duit gaji.
as of now, duit gaji plus bonus raya hampir over..
Alhamdulillah duit raya from side income will be credited in 7th August. cukupla nak buat cover duit angpaw and nak bagi parents, adik-adik and saudara mara.
InsyaAllah looking forward for more stable income each day.

to be continued...

persiapan hari raya
Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin!!

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