Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our Hot Selling Products

Hye All!

Back from Hari Raya break and done celebrating the festive with family and friends.
Now back to business mode, focus to our next FREE Trip to GOLD COAST.

We have been receiving orders from all over Malaysia on these products which are HOT Selling and high demand.
Let me briefly list it down for you.


A series of personal products contains bamboo salt for nourishment.

1. Marine Essence Beauty Bar
sabun putih ketiak
This product has fully recovered from the "tsunami" for almost 4 months with no stock all over Malaysia. 
Since it has proven great result especially for those with eczema, both babies and adults; smoother skin, brightening underarm skin (it's called "sabun putih ketiak") and reducing scars (or parut), pimples and clear off skin without actually damaging or drying your skin.
1 bar can last up to 1 month or more. depends on the usage.

Retail Price
1 bar (loose) : RM35
1 box (3 bars) : RM100

2. Marine Essence Body Wash
Same function as beauty bar, it is just in liquid type. More convenient for travelling.

Retail Price
1 bottle (250 ml) : RM33

3. Marine Essence Syampoo

The liquid type Syampoo can definitely benefits the scalp and hair.

Retail Price
1 bottle (250 ml) : RM33



The only coffee in the world that has Bamboo Salt (or Garam Buluh) in the content.

As the world knows, these are the benefits of bamboo salt:

With the great taste and good aroma Robusta coffee, less caffeine, this is the best coffee that i've ever tasted.


Retail Price
1 box (20 sachets) : RM26.50

*Ask for FREE sample.


Great for skin, Great for joints.
Supply Vitamin C and also fiber to our body.

Retail Price
1 box (20 sachets) : RM180
*Now on PROMO. Ask me for Promo price.

There you go.
There are a lot products. but for now, these are the MOST WANTED products (yes, apart from all time favorite PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL)

Do contact me or any of my GLAMpreneurs agents for BEST PRICE.
With combined orders, you can get FREE POSTAGE and FREE mystery gift.

Oh, by the way, with these hot selling products, it can take you fly for FREE to GOLD COAST.
Ask me how.

Airin Diana Anuar

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