Friday, August 9, 2013

STICKY POST : Giveaway!!

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Hye all!

Monday  blues??

Dont be

Pump up your day with this.

The Giveaway Slot for year 2013.

More than RM700 worth of prize to be won!!

The prize would be...



promotion giveaway Ramadhan
This is a great time since Ramadhan is starting and you'll prepare a full stomach early in the morning with BBPlus drink!


2 x Voucher for PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL worth RM200
promotion giveaway Ramadhan
An opportunity to grab the most wanted item during Hari Raya!

1 x Trial Set of BBPlus worth RM60!!
promotion giveaway Ramadhan

3 x Nutrifeast Drink flavor of your choice worth RM21
promotion giveaway Ramadhan

What do you have to do?

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Post a picture that "worth a thousand words" in an entry

2. Write a caption about the picture 

3. Complete this sentences : I am a follower of because ..." (Not more than 20 words)

4. Share the entry in Facebook, tag me (FB ID : Airin Diana Anuar)

5. Add FB Airin Diana Anuar, Follow Instagram Airin_diana, Follow Google+ Airin Diana and Like Page "Beauty and Health GLAMpreneur by Airin Diana"

6. Post a comment down here with details of :
    Entry link address

7. Sit back and relax :)

The giveaway will run starting from today to an unannounced date

HURRY UP! The most creative and quickest will have higher chance to win.

Good Luck!!

1 comment:

Ayuni Ayatillah said...

Salam Airin! Thanks for inviting me to this giveaway..I'll let you know if I am joining OK? Keep up the spirit! :)

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