Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A story of an inexperience doctor

Today i'm totally flat. have a meeting held at production line (just imagine me having to wear safety helmet walking along foundry production line, bringing my big belly across the factory..hehe)..then have to visit vendor to monitor their die progress which is supposed to be done by yesterday and complete production of parts by tomorrow. after a few excuses and excuses, saying that the location of the die maker is far (though it only took us less than half an hour to reach - kg delek kanan - yes, i havent heard of the place) and sort of excuses, we managed to reach the place and of course the die wasnt complete 100% yet. oh, im so tired of having to closely monitor suppliers - especially malay suppliers. macamn melayu nak maju kalau asek bagi excuses je.. penat dah nak tolong melayu, yet it hit us back, hard!
This is the last issue that i need to settle before i go for my maternity leave..i hope by next week... even tho i wont be in labor, but i want my gynae to give me mc- direct 1 or 2 weeks.. coz im so tired and tried to be strong - in order for my boss not taking me as a handicap worker during my pregnancy period. duuhhh! i believe he would secretly thought of his wife as handicap wife during her pregnancy period..huhu
Oh, forgot to mention, i did take a medical leave on monday - due to my level of laziness going so high - hehe.. i went to one of Proton's panel clinic, not choosing any doctor, they asked me to see this one doctor, whom i heard was so incompetent and young and inexperience. Right after i went inside her room, she asked me what's wrong. i gave excuse that i was having a flu and blocked nose (which was actually very minor). She then asked me whether i'm pregnant.. hello! cant you see my big belly?? i told her, yes i am! she asked me how many weeks. this was when i told her i'm in my 37th week, and she was shocked. she even asked me if there's any problem with my pregnancy, is it enough "air ketuban", is baby normal, just because i have a smaller belly than other moms. damn it! i hate it when doctors tried to diagnose their patient through physical appearance. come on! when i said i already went to my gynae and everything was ok, she then told me "oh, awak punya rahim ke belakang kot".. wut the hell?! sukati dia je nak diagnose mcm2. mcmn la dia bleh dapat title doctor.. eish eish.. in my mind at that time, wutever la doctor, asalkan aku dapat mc. huhuhu
So the morale of the story : to all doctors out there. please, please and please...dont judge your patient like you have a pair of xray-eyes , like you have extra ability to tell what's wrong - before you conduct any test. Please.. we as a patients paid you A LOT (yeah, ok, in my case, Proton paid a lot!) to you, doctors, so that you can cure us, diagnose us correctly and take us seriously. full stop. :)

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