Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Premium Beautiful Corset : The piece and function

Good Morning all

How was the long weekend so far?
Just to let uol know, this month is the last month to grab Promotion Rebate of RM150 plus additional discount up to RM600 in total for Premium Beautiful Corset.

Some of you might not familiar yet with this corset. Let me explain to you that every set has 3 pieces; consist of Long Bra, Waist Nippper and Long Girdle.

Some might ask can I purchase only 1 piece? The answer is of course Can. However, the effectiveness of reshaping your body will be obtained by having one piece. The ultimate reshaping and balancing a bodyshape will only be by wearing the whole set. Why? Because each piece of Premium Beautiful corset has different function.

For this Long Girdle, it helps strengthen your uterus, improve period flow apart from supporting your butt.
 As for this Waist Nipper, it helps reduced gastrict, support your back and of course to flatten our tummy. This piece is suitable to be worn by both women and men.
 As for this Long Bra, apart supporting our breast, it helps firming the structure. Highly recommended to those breastfeeding mommies. It improves milk flow and helps increase milk supply.
There you go! Whole set of Premium Beautiful Corset with their own special function.

Wanna know how to own one?
Text me 017-6511966 and i will assist you 😆

Your Premium Beautiful Expert

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