Friday, July 1, 2016

Singapore, I'm coming!

Hello to all Singaporean

I'll be visiting Singapore this August 2016 to meet up with my Premium Beautiful client who will be giving birth end July.  Cant wait to meet her. She'll be gorgeous again when confinement with Premium Beautiful Corset.

Thus, am calling for Singaporean who would like to order Premium Beautiful. I will be giving FREE Fitting and FREE consultation to you!

Text me today to book your corset. I will guide you for measurement and the correct size for you.

Csect? no worries! Premium Beautiful corset will keep you energetic and keep your wound intact! Proven by this mom, delivered twin babies :
Mom delivered twin babies and wearing Premium Beautiful corset during confinement
Mom of two by Day 21 back in shape!
Lost 14 kg in confinement
Mom of 2 looking gorgeous with Premium Beautiful
More children, slimmer body?? yes, with Premium Beautiful. Afraid no more to have more kids!
Again, proven! more kids, slimmer body
Do text me now to book your fitting session in August! you'll enjoy the discount and FREE Fitting & FREE consultation


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