Monday, May 30, 2016

RTW Raya : Primadona Raya by Ashraff Zainal

It was a pleasure when i was personally invited by my favorite fashion designer, Ashraff Zainal to attend his new RTW raya collection, Primadona Raya by Ashraff Zainal.
The Primadona Raya by Ashraff Zainal held at Malaya Hainan Restaurant

My date for the night 😘

My ootd for the event. I have story behind this kebaya nyonya. Keep on reading this entry til the end, and u'll find out the story.hiks!

The restaurant was really unique. It brought us back way in the sixties. The goody we received that night.

The official picture grabbed from Ashraff's ig. While waiting for the event to start.

The chicken curry was yummy!! Spoil diet mlm!

And the show started. This was one of my favourite! (Anyway, i dont even know which one coz there are so many lovely rtw that night!) Wait til u see the whole collections.

Collection baju melayu MM Homme pun ade
This design cantek. Will look for a sky blue one!

Some of the collections. Gorgeous right?? We were like drooling looking at the rtw 

Right after the show, we mingled around. Got a chance to meet up again with the stylo Tym Fatimah. I met her last year at Avenue K when i bought Lynda Rahim collections. Oh btw, both of us ikut tema of the event. After this bley claim hadiah, kan ashraff? Hehe

With renowned fashion stylist and advisor Zaihani Zain

With the lovely Betty Rahmad. She did remember us, met at Gold Coast wayy back in 2013

Top fashion designer Rizman

His rtw raya collections also a hit now

With Velicious Vass

The Man of the day, Ashraff Zainal
Congratulations Ashraff on the lovely and elegant rtw raya collection this year

Our favorite baju melayu designer, Amad for MM Homme

One of celebrities turned up during the fashion show, Nora Danish

The gorgeous and friendly Anzalna. See her hair! Super flowy and cantekkk

With Malaysia's sweetheart, Ning Baizura

Us, The Diamod Circle with Betty Rahmad

My date for the night. Thanks babe for being my date
 Congratulations Ashraff Zainal on your new Primadona Raya launched. We love the collections and soon be coming to your butik!!
And thanks again for inviting us.

My ootn.
Like i promised, my kebaya nyonya cerita..
This kebaya was made for me wayyyy back in 2005!! An 11 year old outfit, still elok tau. And thanks to Premium Beautiful corset, the outfit was before i got married and before i got 2 daughters. 😍😍😍
**pictures taken from urs truly phone camera and from Ashraff Zainal's Instagram by the talented photographer Fazli Zainor**


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