Monday, August 17, 2015

My Business Activity as Premium Beautiful Expert

Hye All
Quite a few of you were asking, wasn't im tired doing a part time job? During weekdays going to the office and at night, running around meeting clients. Of course, a bit penat, but you know what, I enjoy doing what I'm doing! Honestly! especially during the paycheck. I really love the figures increasing every 10th of the month :)

Premium Beautiful Expert
Well, what Ive done last week?

Right after work, I met a new friend who contacted me once she found out about Premium Beautiful over the google.
She's from Klang and a mom of two.

Met Ila in Section 36 Shah Alam and introduced her of Premium Beautiful corset.
She loves the material once tried the Waist Nipper. She admits that it is super comfortable and makes her tummy flat.

Met kak Eila during Lunch hour nearby my office. Luckily she works nearby. She is starting the diet program with Set Kurus Bajet.

Met Nora from Meru who has been consuming Mineral Coffee over more than 3 years and she loves it. She's from my husband's hometown, Senggarang, Batu Pahat and was introduced to me by her sister (my husband exschoolmate, thanks Kak Roza). Now she is a registered agent for Meru and also KL sentral, where she works.
Met Ayu from Shah Alam who wants to try Premium Beautiful.
For ur info, she's a talented artist. Cant wait to visit her studio.
(btw, are u with me when I said she looks like Ayda Jebat?)

On Sunday morning, I had a fitting session of Premium Beautiful with a young mom of one who has just given birth to her cute lil son.

Sunday evening, I met Lynn from Kajang at Sunway Pyramid. She wants to try Premium Beautiful and wants to have a beautiful body. As a mom of two and an engineer, having a hectic life daily limits her time for exercise.
Now you can have Premium Beautiful to take care of your body
Well. I love my second job!
I can have coffee over while meeting clients. I get to meet lots of lovely people. Have even more friends. Alhamdulillah, so far, I have a blast meeting all of them. Tho we never know one another before, but we can get along like we've known each other long time ago :)

To my clients, thank you for having me in your life. Thank you for choosing me as your Premium Beautiful agent and health consultant. I am glad to meet you gals.


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