Thursday, July 23, 2015

MARVEL's Ant-Man Movie Review

Hye All!

Have you watch Marvel's movie, the Ant-Man?

The Ant-Man movie
We had a chance to visit the cinema last Monday and to my surprised, this movie is really really AWESOME!!

I was under the impression that this movie would be nothing different than the rest of Marvel's movies. but really, I didn't even expect more. Until I watched it and fell head over heels with it!

And of course.. I've always love Paul Rudd! Who doesn't?? He's funny and such a hunk :D

Paul Rudd as the Ant-Man
Ever since movies and series like The 40-year-old Virgin, Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Friends series, Over Her Dead Body and among others, he is always my favorite actor, which mostly in comedies. So I thought, how could a comedian becomes a superhero? like doesn't make sense right?

But then, after the movie, I know that he is the perfect actor for the role. He's a funny Ant-Man superhero!

The heroin? Evangeline Lilly, such a lovely and gorgeous actress! Love her in Lost series.
The gorgeous Evangeline
The movie is all about a normal guy been selected as a superhero, of course to save the world! He has to wear the super suit which will turn him to the Ant-Man.
This movie will change your perception towards ants.
If nak bunuh semut after tengok this movie, mesti rasa bersalah. hiks.
The beauty of the movie is shown by love of father-daughter relationship. That almost brought tears to my eyes. seriously!
The father-daughter relationship
And the supporting actors, are all hilarious!!
You'll be laughing out loud with this guy. Watch how he tells story. Cool sangat!
Alrite, enough review here and there. No spoilers of course!

If you'd ask me, I highly recommend you to watch this movie.

Let me know what's your review :)

Have fun watching!


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