Monday, June 29, 2015

Testimony Premium Beautiful Corset from PB Wonders Geng Diet GLAM

Hye all!
Good Morning Monday.

How's your Ramadhan so far? Ada yang dah achieve ur weight target after more than a week fasting. Some still got few here and there to shed off,right?

I'd like to share with you, transformation of our Top Geng Diet Glam that achieve their weight target for your motivation. Let's witness their transformation.

Syikin has just given birth when she started to wear Premium Beautiful again during her confinement. And look at the weight loss! 12 kg is my daughter's weight, you know. It is like loosing a toddler from her body. Hikss. I remembered she told us, her husband is smaller than her. A petite figure. When she walked by his side, she felt like a giant or makcik2. Now, loosing weight, "abang lebih sayang".

My beloved bff. She is one of the cofounder of this geng diet. Ain loss 8 kg and now can wear size S ;) awesome!

Liyana, one of the dedicated geng diet team members. Light exercise, healthy food intake and of course wear premium beautiful to ensure 12 kg or 15% of body weight removed.

Mini told me, she's got nothing to loose anymore. She's already kurus keding, hokay. Lost 7 kg, 11% of her original weight. And she's tall too, almost about my 5'6" height 

Yong, we called her adik manis ;) She is also one of the cofounder of this support group. Yong told me that she realized that she needs to loose weight when she cant have more option of cloth during shopping. She said, masuk ja kedai, orang kata size ang takdak kat sini. Terus sakitnya tuh di sini. So determined to loose weight, she is now wearing a size M, before XL or even XXL!

Hezleen shared eat healthily, exercise regularly. And 6 kg gone! Easy right?

Nurul lose 8 kg and she cant stop smilling. Geng diet glam really helps her during difficult times.
Our second runner up, lose 17 kg weight with 20% out of the body! Like 2 kampit beras hokay! 

Our first runner up, Faeza, lose 22 kg!! Banyak kan? She told me, that before selalu sangat rasa semput and mengah. Now with more than 2 kampit beras out of her body, badan lebih ringan and of course, lebih confident ;)

And finally, the WINNER, Wani Ameen!!
She loss 19 kg equivalent to 24% of her original body weight 👏👏👏
Just look at her previous jubah! Besar sangat kan?
Now lebih confident, lebih sihat, lebih anggun.
So.. Wut do you think? Terbakar tak?
If they can do it, why not you??

Let me gather their similarities :

1. Wear Premium Beautiful corset CONSISTENTLY
Some of you ada this corset, tapi tak pakai consistent (consistent means at least 8 hrs daily). If kejap pakai, kejap tak, mcm tu jugakla our fat. Kjap nak hilang,kejap x jadi. Erk?

2. Consume Set Kurus Bajet
Our set kurus bajet is all natural. It is not slimming pill. Again i repeat, bukan pil kurus.
Mineral coffee acts as an agent untuk tahan lapar.
Garlic untuk pecahkan lemak and buang angin.
Bv Alfalfa pulak untuk provide energy. Selalu diet failed sebab kita giveup easily bila takde tenaga. Lepas exercise, makan gile2 sbb lapar kan? But this alfalfa provides u energy plus detox!
Fyi, a set of 1 month is only for RM150.

3. Light exercise
If boleh buat exercise regularly, more than 3 times weekly, lagi bagus. What these ladies did, mostly like plank, squat, and sometimes went for a jog.

Yup everything through ur food intake. Supply must be equal to demand. If supply terlebih, definitely masuk ke pocket fat. So eat healthily. Makanan sihat. Boleh if nak makan nasi lemak, tapi kenalah berpada. One scoop of rice is enuff.

5. Support group
In order to achieve an almost impossible weight loss, you need a support group, friends who can encourage you. Geng Diet GLAM is there for you.
I heard that to achieve kurus, is not easy. Nak kena menepis ajakan orang ke mamak tengah malam, nak skipped nasi lemak and went with a wrap instead, and among other challenges.

Thats it!! Easy right? 5 tips and there you go, an ideal weight for ya.

Geng diet GLAM is now open for second batch. If you are determined to lose weight and dedicated, lets be part of the is FREE!

LETS create a healthy environment.

If you'd like to know more about the products; premium beautiful or set kurus bajet, or be part of geng diet glam second batch, do text me 017-6511966 or email at

All the best!


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