Friday, May 24, 2013

TOP 25 Best Destination in the World 2013

I read this article by for the TOP 25 Best destination around the world voted by travelers.
You can read the whole 25 destinations HERE
I've visited 4 out of 25 destinations in the list.

No 2 : New York City
No 7 : San Francisco, California
No 13 : Bangkok, Thailand
No 14 : Chicago, Illinois

Most of the places were during my studies back in the States and Bangkok for work.

And I am super duper happy when i qualified a fully sponsored 5-star treatment Trip to Shanghai which is No 22 on the list by my business company.
but am increasingly super duper on-the-top-of-the-world happy when company upgraded the trip to Seoul, Korea due to some contagious disease occurs currently at China.
Though Korea was not in the top 25 in the list, but it was the top 5 in my to go list!!

Next trip will be open SO SOON!!! NOW is the best time to start business.
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