Thursday, May 9, 2013

Catwalk Contest : Hot Mama and Stylish Kiddo

I've been invited by DnA boutique (Dynas Nursing Attire) to participate in their Catwalk Contest : Hot Mama and Stylish Kiddo this Sunday 12th May 2013 at Publika. 
I really adore Dynas. With her busy working schedule, she still managed to pump and breastfeed both of her kids..and maintain HOTTT!

The event will be held as a tribute to Mothers as part of Mother's Day celebration.

Not expecting to win, cause i know many mothers out there are HOTTER than me. Saje je nak join just to get the exposure and suka ria dgn Lissa. agak2 muncung dia super panjang tak that day? ihikkks.. hopefully dia x nangis or frozen tak nak jalan la..aiseey, malam ni kena practise jalan ala2 kucing lerrr..hohoho
Anyway, the great thing is that, the event has sponsor. they'll sponsor us the cloth and make up bagai. im not sure if they have my size (klu dress, confirm xde my size..tergantung jeik. even at Jovian's yesterday pun kena double check the length of the baju raya -erk, baju raya? awal tak??- is long enuff ke tak..kihkih).. but definitely size lissa ade kan.. we're going to have fitting either tomorrow afternoon or saturday morning.

Wow! what a great month!!! May has been a very interesting and hectic for me, family and also partners. Yesterday was a very special event at Jovian Mandegie's boutique (i'll blog about it soon!you can read the teaser here). Apart from the event this Sunday, me, husband and biz partners will join a Health talk by Dr Lawrence Lim this Saturday. By next Wednesday, me and family will be flying off to Jakarta and Bandung for the family trip of 6 days. Then later, my biz partners will be having talks by Mr Winston Wong, how to be crazy people and make crazyyy money! more motivations and way to increase our income. With all the events, we also have business sharing session with opportunists out there and biozone food purifier demonstration to those who concern about their health.

We are making the success journey together and insyaAllah, my group is expanding.

Cant wait!!!!!

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Nadine said...


All the best airin, sape kata u tak hot, hot ok!

all the best, babe! :)

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