Thursday, February 7, 2013

Let's Purify Our Food

Hello all!
Last night mr hubby requested me to cook Asam Pedas for him.. hmm.. luckily there was pasar malam Batu Tiga Shah Alam yesterday. if not, mana nak cari ikan merah..
Before i started cooking, definitely I used the Food Purifier Biozone to remove all the toxin to purify the food. Just to ensure that the food we ate is safe and healthy to be consumed.
While waiting for me finish cooking, i served grapes for my kids, but surely after purified it.
Grape ready to be purified

It just took 15 minutes to remove pesticides and toxic from our fruit
Kids enjoyed the fruit very much (gambar tak sempat amik yer..dah licin!)

While i was preparing the ingredients to make Ikan Merah Asam Pedas, I started purifiying the fish itself.

Start the purifying the fish using Biozone Food Purifier

Bubbles from the toxin created after 5 minutes process
After 10 minutes! look at the bubbles indicating the toxin
After reaching almost 15 minutes

Complete purified within 15 minutes for seafood / fish. The bubbles, a lot!!
This is what we have been eating these days. patut la immune system going down. sket2 demam...

Fish after purified. Fresh and clean!
Baru lah sedap masak Asam Pedas :)
Kalau anyone of you berminat, interested to know the product, I and my team offer free demo kat ur house. just book the time with me at 017-6511966 or email to
Anyway, I also offer flexible payment. buat bayar 10 kali pun boleh.

Lets make the world safe and healthy especially for our kids.
More info on this product, Food Purfier Biozone, you can click the link here :


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