Monday, February 18, 2013

BIOZone Food Purifier

Further to my entry previously on Biozone Food Purifier. you can read it here

Some of my readers contacted me after reading the entry about the purification of the fish. 

Ramai yang rasa geli and x sanggup tengok buih2 yg busuk and bertoxic masuk dlm badan kita.

Sama dengan kita jaga kesihatan kita, nak cari makanan berkhasiat, opt for Organic food, drink either mineral water of filtered water... sama jugak dgn our food. we also want a "filtered" food, correct?

Money concern?

Let's think these:
How many family members that we have?
how many years the usage of this biozone?
How much is the medical cost that will incur if any of our family members fell sick bcoz of toxic and undesirable chemicals in food?
How much the trouble and worry once our family fell sick?

Let's do the calculation:

Price of Biozone : RM1750
Total days usage : 730 days in two year (2 years free maintenance)
Cost per person : RM2.40 per day
If one family has 4 person : RM0.48 per day! only 48 cents!

Is that expensive?

Sekali keluar berjalan2 pun dah lebih dari tu kan..

Moreover, the usage of Biozone Food Purifier is far more than that.

1. To clean fish, chicken, beef, seafood

2. To clean vegetables and fruits
3. To sterilize baby bottles
4. Can be used to remove fridge odor (remove any odors in enclosed area)
5. Can be used to take an Ozone Bath! Dont have to go to spa anymore.

Who should have this?
1. Pregnant ladies - all food we consumed will be consumed by our baby.
2. Breastfeeding moms
3. Elder people
4. Those who have kids and babies at home

Promotion now going on :  cash rebate of RM100 per unit!!
Come grab it while you can
Oh, by the way, there is some flexi payment and monthly installment 0% interest with or without credit card :)
You can contact me and i can do some demonstration at your house.

Contact me now and book ur appointment

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