Friday, June 26, 2009

Shut Down and Relaxing Time

Hi all!
I’m currently in a really good mood although in bad health.. you know why I’m saying that? It has been 2 weeks since my factory is having shut down activities - which is where i'm not involved directly. SO it's kinda 2 weeks of relaxing and non-busy week for me.. i can do wutever i wanna do (i mean, work related, people! not "lepaking" and chit chatting ok?) Planned and actually executed the Tools Audit that i've been planning to do since like centuries! and my boss didnt even bother me about all the reporting and the countermeasure actions regarding the Quality and Rejection Stuff..that's the wonderful and superb of having this shut down..haha.. (Dont be mad, Saniah - my beloved fren & colleague whom i guess the Most Busiest Executive in the factory since she has to arrange the Safety Campaign, Training programs and all the project activities schedule during the shut down)
And.. in Bad Health, huh? I've been infected by my husband. Yeah, infected! He had terrible flu and fever last Friday. We went back to my parents that Friday nite, and he was wearing a thick shirt and a sweater-even tho my family and i wished and would be sooo thankful if Malaysia had a one-time winter. it was really hot and humid.. wishing that i were somewhere in Indiana in December (the temp should've been around minus 20 degrees back there). We were sweating like hell, and he was shivering. I felt really sorry for him. luckily he didnt get that flu from people who've been overseas (yeah, it wasnt swine flu). and that nite plus the saturday nite-2 nites in a row-i stayed up to take care of him. gave him pills and put a wet towel on his forehead to make sure he didnt get so hot, changed it every 1 or 2 hrs. and thank God, he got up on Sunday for the Bowling Tournament in good health. and me? i got his flu and couldnt stop coughing until now. it has been 1 week already. however.. what makes me proud is that he told me that i am a good wife - and "mithali" wife.. auuw... so sweet...

Progress on My Pregnancy
I’m in Week 26 everybody. As far as I know, during this time, baby could hear very well. And I’ve tried an experiment to test if my baby knows that I’m talking to her. It really worked! I lied on my back, put my hand on my belly, and called her. She suddenly moved and response to my voice. And what’s even more wonderful is that when my husband put his hand on my belly, she kicked! She starts to get really active starting on my 5th month. From wut I read in the websites, they said that baby will move and kick frequently when mom in relax condition – especilly when lying. But that didn’t apply to me. My baby kicks and moves almost ALL THE TIME!! The schedule pretty much like this: Once/twice early in the morning (especially when I havent had my bfast yet), then around 10:30 in the morning, next afternoon usually after lunch, again some time around 4 pm and then at night, rite before I fall asleep.. Sometimes I could even see her either elbow or knee from outside! Cant wait to meet this lil fella..

Weekend Activities
Tomorrow morning my husband and i are going to go for our 2nd honeymoon to Cameron Highland. Can't wait until tomorrow! we'll be going there with his friend, wife & kid. Just a one night stay. I'll update on the trip once i get back from there, ok?

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