Wednesday, May 13, 2009

20 down, 20 to go!

Everybody kept on Congratulate me for being on half way point towards my pregnancy (well, not in real,but ya!)
Yup, i'm in week 20, and another 20 weeks to go. time flies really fast!! realizing it or not, i'm in fact will be a mother, which is, i dont know, probably out of my league. how could i be like my mom : who cooks breakfast early in the morning, who washes every dish in the sink, who washes every clothes left dirty and scattered all around the house, who listened to every probs that her kids poured out, who suffered thru ups and downs of her kids mischiefs. wow! i could go on and on the list, but the truth is a mother should be someone who really capable of handling the world problem. the question is : am i really capable? hmm.. time will tell. and people will grow and be matured as situation preceeds, rite?
Alrite, enough rambling about being a good mother. as far as i'm concern, i'm quite struggling enuff to be a good wife. this week i already start cooking for my dearest hubby. it seems fine, and compelling for him to eat and swallow my sometimes-not-so-good cooking..hehe.
but anyway, my belly starts to pop out a lil bit. my breaths shorter especially after climbing steps every morning. but the truth, i really enjoy feeling my baby moving inside me. feels so close though sometimes weird. i found this article from one of the mommy-to-be.
"The best part about when the baby started to kick meant that we had “Interactive Fetus!” Interactive Fetus was a lot of fun. You could blow on your belly and make her jump. If you pressed enough, she’d start to kick. And sometimes, if her Daddy stuck his face next to the belly and talked long enough, she’d kick him in the face."
I'm gonna try this some time.. but i figure it already happened. sometimes when i crossed my leg, which will make my belly kinda tighter, the baby will start making some moves. telling me to make some room for him/her. wut a miracle!

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