Monday, September 15, 2014

Shanghai, Here We Come : Radisson Blu Hotel

Hye All

Just got the updates from our travel agent for the Shanghai Trip this weekend.

The hotel we're gonna stay for the 5 days, 3 nights trip will be at Radisson Blu Hotel, Shanghai.

Let's find out what this hotel has to offer.

The Hotel Lobby :

The Dining area

and the most importantly, the room :

You can check out the hotel through their website here

Oh yeah, our cdm Hanis Haizi already told us to bring along our sneakers. for what?? Definitely to burn off some calories in the hotel gym. yeay! *okay, confirm2 during trip, we will never go hungry. they did prepare us back to back meals. my experience during Korea and Gold Coast trip, naik few kgs after going back from the trip!*

Ive checked the rates and it was around RM400++
Alhamdulillah, we will be staying there covered by Hai-O, for FREE! If not, koyak poket. 

Cant hardly wait to go to Shanghai this coming weekend!
Will update you from time to time

See ya!


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