Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lissa & Hanie

Look at Hanie, disturbing Lissa. Kelakar betul tengok Lissa mengipas-ngipas tangan Hanie.
Lissa posing depan stroller adik dia..
Latest Hanie's pix. Now she learns how to smile and laugh. sometimes terkekek². takut gak kalu dia gelak mcm tu mlm².huhu
 Second try Lissa on this musical ride. Lasted for less than a minute
 At last, Hanie temankan kakak dia..
Lissa's hobby lately.. any kain batik, or blanket, or abah's kain pelekat..jadi mangsa

I love my life now. I am definitely a happy mother of two. Alhamdulillah, God give me these two girls to fulfill our life.
Now, we are planning for a better living space, i'd say, something that we can call home - not that this apt we cant call home. it's just that this apt wasn't complete at all. no kitchen cabinet (yeah, not easy for me to do the cooking-harap² berasaplah dapur baru. berkobar² je minta kitchen cabinet kat mr hubby..hehe), no grill, not enough curtain, etc... kalau nak complaint tu, mcm2..huhu
The checklist begun since last year.
Kitchen cabinet - checked
Grill - checked
Wiring - checked
Lightings and fans - checked
Store (bawah tangga) - in progress - 80%
Cornish (cannot afford plaster ceiling for the whole house - plus it was not a value-added thingy-reasoning i tgave mr hubby yg beria sgt nak) - in progress - 50%
Sofa - checked - waiting delivery
Dining table - checked - waiting delivery
Curtain - checked -waiting delivery & installation by Macy.
The most satifying item above is : the curtain! definitely! a big thumbs up for Macy and Macy sale agent, Musa, who has been so helpful in terms of selecting the curtains, selecting the best options of packages, etc.. I was surprised that this guy knows a lot compared to me. It's either french pleat, roman blind, pencil pleats..i was impressed!
A lot of fabric to choose from! Those were only for night curtains. For day curtain/sheer, Macy has bundles of them. Lagi pening kepala akak nak pilih..hehe..
Now, i'm just waiting for the delivery. anyhow, need to make sure our house is ready, then only we can inform Macy people to come for installation. yes, free installation above RM400. :) big smile!
Hopefully everything went well. we planned to move out after Raya.. This bulan puasa, all of us too tired to pack up things.. mmg byk brg nak kena kemas.. slow and steady.
All these are for our sweethearts ..
Love you both so much!
~Mama & Abah~


~dila~ said...

Wahwahwah... Agak2 ada peluang x aku nk gi beraya kt umah baru? Kalo x sempat, aku dtg time raya haji je laa.. Hehe

airin diana said...

hehe.. umah baru tu tak tau sempat siap ke tak by raya. aku pun sungguh pening
nanti insyaAllah, dah settle sumer..mesti jemput ko dtg nyer..hehehe

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