Monday, November 20, 2017

Marine Essence Body Scrub

Hye all!

I'm so excited for the new product range for Marine Essence, Marine Essence Body Scrub.

 You see, this new body scrub is free from soap, paraben, SLES and Mineral Oil. It has no artificial fragrance. And also Antibacterial! It acts 100% as natural exfoliator.
 With presence of jojoba seed oil as natural skin moisturizer, Mulberry leaf & liquorice extract to lighten skin tone & pigmentation.
The great aromatheraphy comes from lavender, eucalyptus and frankincense oil will help us to relax and calm. 

There are other great ingredients such as honey and shea butter which are great for our skin.

And you know what, we already have really good testimonies come with this!

So, wait no more!! 

A bottle of 200 ml cost you less than RM50 per jar!! And it comes with FREE POSTAGE if you order now.

Text me 0176511966 to order.

To a better skin!


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