Monday, November 20, 2017

Marine Essence Body Scrub

Hye all!

I'm so excited for the new product range for Marine Essence, Marine Essence Body Scrub.

 You see, this new body scrub is free from soap, paraben, SLES and Mineral Oil. It has no artificial fragrance. And also Antibacterial! It acts 100% as natural exfoliator.
 With presence of jojoba seed oil as natural skin moisturizer, Mulberry leaf & liquorice extract to lighten skin tone & pigmentation.
The great aromatheraphy comes from lavender, eucalyptus and frankincense oil will help us to relax and calm. 

There are other great ingredients such as honey and shea butter which are great for our skin.

And you know what, we already have really good testimonies come with this!

So, wait no more!! 

A bottle of 200 ml cost you less than RM50 per jar!! And it comes with FREE POSTAGE if you order now.

Text me 0176511966 to order.

To a better skin!


Monday, September 25, 2017

Premium Beautiful Corset, the Basic Info

Hye all!
Been quite some time since my last post, rite? Been fully occupied with work lately. 

This time around i gotta chance to make a video about Premium Beautiful Corset and the basic info that you need to know.

You may watch the video here uploaded in Youtube :
Premium Beautiful Corset Video

Summary from the video :
1. Premium Beautiful corset has two range of type, Classic and Elegance. How to choose? You need to refer to ur PB Expert who can advise you. To simplify, PB Elegance has softer fabric.

2. Know your correct size before you own a PB Corset. Wrong size = Uncomfortable.

3. Premium Beautiful corset is very very comfortable & easy to wear - if you know HOW. Refer to ur PB Expert to know details.

If you're looking for a Premium Beautiful corset as your daily wear, you may contact me 017-6511966. 

I am your Premium Beautiful Corset.

Airin Diana

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Business Opportunity & Side Income : Free Trip to Korea

Hye All

It has been a while since my last post about business opportunity.

Here we go. To those of you who are looking for extra income as a part-timer, now is actually a good time for you to start. Let me tell you why for you to start in my Team.

1. Earn Additional Money as Side Income
Multiple source of income once you start the business with my team;
One from the net profit via selling products to customers .
Another from bonus from the company, direct to account - along with real and valid payslip.

2. High Demand Product
You dont have to worry, Shom's products are all high quality and we have a lot of testimonies from customers as evidence. It will be a piece of cake to sell products (provided u have the knowledge & good guidance)

3. Guidance & Training
I will personally coach you, either face to face or online. We can always connect, to learn & to improve upgrade knowledge.

4. Teamwork
If you havent heard of TDC - The Diamond Circle, let me tell you a bit about our team. We have very strong teamwork where we support one another. All artwork and testimonies with customers are shared among team members, making us a stronger team especially in social media.

5. Free Trip
Yes, SHOM offers free trips twice a year! This time around is SEOUL & NAMI ISLAND. my first qualified trip was to Seoul in 2013. It was a great experience and one of the best trip ever.
You too can! Start today and let us be a travel partner to Seoul.

Start TODAY. Do contact me to book for an appointment.
Click to text me.

Ur Premium Beautiful Expert
(And ur future travel partner)

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