Friday, October 31, 2014

Can men wear premium beautiful corset?

Can they?

The answer is YES.

But of course not the whole set of Premium Beautiful, but only the Waist Nipper.

Why they have to?

If they have problem like these :

1. Perut Buncit

2. Back Pain

Sakit belakang as a sportsman

Back pain due to long hour sitting
If you have these, then it is a MUST to get a Premium Beautiful Waist Nipper today.

The waist nipper is good for these reasons:
1. Kempiskan perut
2. Control your appetite
3. Protect your spine
4. Increase metabolisme
5. Reduce back pain
6. Help those with constipation or sembelit
7. Help buasir
8. Improve blood circulation
9. Improve men's health problem

The material of waist nipper is so soft and comfortable.

Ok, now how to order?

You can contact me at 017-6511966

Price? It depends on size of your waist. Ranges from RM600 to RM800. And with the LIFETIME WARRANTY!

If you book now, you will get special discount from me.


Friday, October 24, 2014

The Tuners : Ride to Genting Highlands

Hi All

I'd like to share with you my first experience, or may I say, our first experience (along with Mr Husband) on a Breakfast Trip rides to Genting Highland. Yeah, you read it right, breakfast okay. not a day trip not even an overnight trip. It was just for breakfast!

Since two of my kids were with my parents, just left with the two of us, we've decided to tag along the Inspira Tuners team for a ride to be remembered.

We left house about 5 am in the morning to make sure we arrived at the Petronas Gombak, near the Karak Toll on time. Although with lack of sleep, the excitement to join those guys exceeded the sleepiness.
Muka gila mengantuk! hahaha
We arrived at the Petronas about 530 am and those guys were just getting ready.

My husband shook hands, getting to know with the rest of the team while i sat in the car, trying to hold my eyes from closing. hahaha.

He got a sticker "Touge Racing" as the symbol of the the ride.

Touge (峠, tōge) word literally meaning “pass.” It refers to a mountain pass or any of the narrow, winding roads that can be found in and around the mountains of Japan and other geographically similar areas on every part of our globe.
For touge racing team battling, a race has two stages — an uphill and a downhill battle. One car leads the race during the uphill stage, with the second car leading the downhill. Because most touge races feature narrow tracks, overtaking is extremely difficult and is sometimes impossible.
The aim of touge is not to ‘drift’, it’s more to a ‘grip driving’ and aiming to be the fastest on a particular stretch of road. Drifting can be used to block the chaser or as a part of a driving strategy, but touge is traditionally focused on grip. During the race , the lead car wins if the space between the cars increases considerably, while the following car wins if the gap between them stays the same, decreases from start to finish or the following car overtakes the lead car. If any car spins out or crashes, the other one wins the race.
Ok, now you get what Touge means right? not taugeh as in the beansprout. lol! 
While waiting for others to arrive

The Tuners

Some preview of video during the convoy.
Once we got to the corners of the highlands, the riders macam naik hantu. lol! layan baiknye corner. luckily im all into the fast and furious thingy. if you're not, definitely menjerit and scream like crazyyy!
Things that i noticed was those manual cars definitely defeat those which are auto. With shift sticks, it is easier to "pick up" as compared to auto cars.
Arrived at Genting Highlands

All the Tuners cars
When i saw this cable car, i was so excited! my husband was mumbling that he's not gonna go inside that cable car. lol!

The serene view from top of Genting Highlands

It was super cold!!

Our Selfie. It's a must!

Got this different experience as compared to previous trip

Few of the Tuners
I think more than 50 cars joining the convoy to Genting Highlands

Had this delicious Nasi Lemak, near the Police Station. It was worth waking up at 4:30 am and ride to Genting Highlands for this. trust me!! haha
Yeah, super sejuk!!
After breakfast, off we go home, back to reality. hehe
Went back to Kuala Lumpur
It was a great experience. Told mr hubby to tag along in the next ride with them :)

Oh, just for record, before we got married and have kids, we used to so called race, almost every night during the weekends. It was fun, tho highly not recommended due to safety. Unless if you have rider like my mr hubby. He has gone through Safety Driving course :)

will upload the video during the trip ;)

Stay tuned!


Remarks : Some photos taken from other tuners instagram.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Amal Project : House For Gaza

Assalamualaikum all

My heart breaks whenever I came across pictures of Gaza's destruction. It is heartbreaking especially when you can see women and children dead bodies and many others injured, lost their school and house.

About 2,465 houses totally destroyed and 14,667 houses damaged. And soon winter is coming.. how could they survive?

Sad right?

Now, so few that we can do. I'd like to call for all friends who are reading this, let's together we collect fund to help them.

We, glampreneurs would like to contribute along with your contribution. The Contribution will be until 15th November 2014.

Say 130 of us here contribute RM50 each, we manage to get a cabin for them to stay during this winter season.

Any sale starting from today until 15th November, minimum of RM1 will be contributed to this fund.

May God bless all of us for helping our brothers and sisters.


Do text me for details. 017-6511966


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I want to touch a dog Campaign

This is OUTRAGEOUS! It is such an insult.

No, I am not against No Cruelty to Animal campaign.

I am not saying that you can be cruel to dogs. Yes, some of them are cute. But it is HARAM to touch them. Muslim cant touch them without necessary reason. Saje nak peluk2, for what? Then nak kena samak the whole body?

I Want To Touch a Dog Campaign was an insult to Islam and Muslim.

What a shame, especially looking at those Malays, and some of them brought along their small kids. Havent you remember the lesson you've learnt when you were in primary school? Had your ustazah and ustaz taught you about Najis Mughallazah?

Dengan bangganya showed to the world!!

I was in disbelief!

Abstracted from Yahoo
The adviser to the Johor Islamic Re‎ligious Council said it was haram (prohibited) for Muslims to deliberately touch dogs as they were dirty (najis mughallazah) according to two Muslim schools of thought, Shafie and Hanbali.
"Don't try to create a culture that goes against Islam and the Shafie school of thought, especially when it has elements of insulting the ulama in this country," he was quoted as saying in Malay-language daily Berita Harian.
"This is forbidden for three reasons, which are religion, health and a culture that contradicts with Islam. It must be remembered that Malaysia adheres to the Shafie school of thought," he said.

Okay, now ada yang nak keluarkan fatwa sendiri ke?

Lemme launch a new campaign now, I want to touch a tiger Campaign. Anyone interested?
Sharing is caring.

Moga kita dan keluarga dalam lindungan Allah dan jauhi dari kesesatan.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Lunges, Donkey Kicks and Zumba

Hi All!

I've been a bit exercise freak lately.
Though I cant really go out and go jogging, especially since the weather is all hazy and unhealthy, plus with very limited extra free time, i tried my best to do at least few rounds of lunges routine and some zumba.

Here are few of lunges routine that you may follow. oh, i did few rounds, and cheat a bit in this earlier stage. hehe. taknak my body and legs terkejut ;)

Anyway, I've added a few of Donkey Kick. It really works for my abs and also leg. It also helps remove cellulite!! Trust me, this is one of the best routine. I can do it while watching my CSI ;)


Yeah, it is the Caipirinha video. Try it and you'll sweat ur a** off!! trust me!!

Let's do the 30 days challenge starting from now!! :)

All the best!


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Shanghai, Here We Come : Day 1 The Departure Story

Hye All!

I've been meaning to tell you the story of our trip to Shanghai sooner. But as usual, the pictures got so stuck in the camera and also our phone till ive got the time to transfer the files to the laptop.

Now, after some editting, resizing and renaming the pictures, now im ready to share you our experience in Shanghai trip.

Let me start from the beginning.

We were supposed to get into 1:00 am flight on Early Saturday morning, but as soon as we were about to leave to Nilai from my office on friday, 15th September 2014, we've got a text from our tour leader, Zarra, telling us that our flight has been delayed to 5:00 am. Fuuhh, felt a bit relieved that weve got some time to get ready.

Once we arrived at my parents, Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, we freshen up and took our own sweet time to get ready. My husband even got time to join my brother-in-law played badminton at the KLIA court.

I did spend time with my two kiddos, telling them that both of us are going to Shanghai for work. and they did remember the place and even told their teachers that we went to Shanghai.

At around 2 am, we got ready, i slept about 2 hours, my father and my youngest sister dropped us off at the KLIA Main Terminal.

Now lets enjoy the moments captured in the KLIA airport until we reached Shanghai Airport.

Not so skema picture

Skema picture. haha

This is our tour guide, Zarra. Cantik and lemah lembut orangnya

During the briefing

One of GlamLelaki, Ezam. He is a senior engineer in one of the MNC

The Green wave in KLIA

Introducing my room mate for this trip, tak lain tak bukan, Mr husband. ehehe

My leader, Shaliza Aziz, founder of The Diamond Circle

Good bye Malaysia!

While waiting for boarding time, we took a break at Old Town White Coffee.

Muka mengantuk tu! 3 am okay, not 3 pm.hehe

The guys

Malaysia Airlines flight

Husband pun dah ngantuk, mata merah. Sape suh tak tidur and went playe for badminton games?

From left, Yong, me and Ieja

In the middle is Abg Rijal, he is one of GM in Telekom Malaysia. impressed kan? dah berjawatan tinggi, but still doing business in glam as part time. He and his wife are looking for Time Freedom

Anywhere, posing semata. lol!

Our Selfie. a wajib post in every trip

Yeay, we have arrived after 5 hours journey.
Penat? Of course, but the excitement mengatasi segalanya.
Once we arrived, we went to the restroom, freshen up and get ready to go!!

We were brought for lunch since we arrived closed to 12 noon already. After lunch, we went to the Oriental Pearl Tower, highlights of Shanghai.

I'll tell story about the place in my next entry.

Stay tuned!!

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