Friday, June 29, 2012

Monthly Expenses

Hello all
Today I would like to tabulate our typical monthly expenses versus our average monthly fixed income salary
Does our average income of RM4000 ~ RM5000 enough these days? May be.. how bout saving? saving for emergency car breakdown. that's when the credit card and personal loan come, right? No, we shud stop that. that's not the easy way, by keep on building debts. That is why we need side cover the extra expenses and to top up our savings. 
Past 8, 10 years back, with RM100 can buy a lot of things (ie at tesco or giant). but now, just get 2 bottles of detergent and 1 refill pack of fabric softener, and maybe a pack of chipsmore. and that's it. consumer products keep on increasing, but does our salary too? 
If you want to know how to make extra income from 4 to 6 figures monthly, pm me. I'll share how. :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Spider-Man fever!

I've been watching Spiderman movies like forever. Back in the States, we went for a midnight show in a group, group of Malaysians.. which means a lot of us! we entirely conquered the whole cinema ;) What I love watching movies back in West Lafayette was there were no reserved or dedicated seats. Once you enter the cinema, you can choose anywhere you want to sit. meaning that you have to be early to make sure you got in queue at front.
Talking a bout Spider Man, Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire, he's cute!), Mary-Jane Watson (Kristen Dunst) and Harry Osborn (James Franco), they were such in a love triangle. a 2002 movie was a hit, pass the $100 million mark in a single weekend. 

And then there was Spider Man 2 in 2004 and Spider Man 3 in 2007 (the best series of Spider Man that i love). Suprisingly, the forth version was cancelled due to withdrawn of the director Sam Raimi. Quoted from here.
The next film in the franchise, a reboot of the series, called The Amazing Spider-Man is set to be released in July 2012, with Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. There will be The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which will be released in 2014.
The synopsis goes like this : 
Like most teenagers, Peter is trying to figure out who he is and how he got to be the person he is today. Peter is also finding his way with his first high school crush, Gwen Stacy, and together, they struggle with love, commitment, and secrets. As Peter discovers a mysterious briefcase that belonged to his father, he begins a quest to understand his parents' disappearance - leading him directly to Oscorp and the lab of Dr Curt Connors, his father's former partner. As Spider-Man is set on a collision course with Connors' alter-ego, The Lizard, Peter will make life-altering choices to use his powers and shape his destiny to become a hero

And yeay, I am one of the lucky bloggers who were given a pair of movie tickets to watch the premier screening of The Amazing Spider Man next Monday at TGV Sunway Pyramid. Thanks to nuffnang! :)

Cant wait for the premier screening next Monday :) I'll write my personal movie review.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

From Lissa's Diary: Trip To Bird Park

Hello Friends!
Lissa here.
Mama gave me permission to write about my school trip to KL bird park on April 2012. yeay!
My school, My Little Impian Playhouse School organized a school trip to KL Bird Park. This is a yearly event. Last year i heard they went to KL Zoo, i think, since i wasnt in school that time :) This time around, i make sure I made it! Since this year's theme is all about bird and butterfly (or i called aberfly), Teacher Aqilah, my principal suggested Bird Park. We went along with all teachers to the trip. We went by bus to KL. It was fun! Now, enjoy the pictures 
Briefing session by Teacher Aqilah
Kakak Kiki helped me to wear shoes
"Beratur!" Kakak Kiki helped (again) to tidy my hair
"Peace!" except me..haha
The 6 year old class - very organized!
The 5 year old class - also "menurut kata"
The 4 year old class - alamak!!
Waiting for lunch time! me sat along with my mom's friend's son
Walking down, very excited!
There! the chicks!
Teacher Aqilah giving instruction before the bird show starts
Me, maintaining the "muncung"
Giving the performance :)
Oh, the bird! (i went back home and kept on singing the "burung kakak tua" song)
Ok, more pictures, but lil time to upload. 
Overall i was very happy. I will ask my mom to let me go for another trip next year! cant wait!! :D

Friday, June 22, 2012

From Lissa's Diary : Muncung Mode

I love to do the "muncung" posed!
Muncung botak chin mode
Muncung since Day 1
Muncung extra
Try to cover my muncung mouth
During my speech, muncung was my trademark;)
Muncung dipaksa sat on carseat
Opps! Sorry mama, Hanie tiru kakak!!
Still maintain my muncung until now ;)

If I were given a chance, what animal/living being superpowers would I want to get?

If I were given a chance, what animal/living being superpowers would I want to get?
Picture courtesy from national geographic
Yes, I would like to be a hummingbird. Why I chose hummingbird though it is smallest bird and looks weak?
Reason No 1: Super Incredible Flyer
I will be an impressive flyer! I can fly very fast with my two wings. The joint between upper and lower arm which positioned very close to body will give incredible leverage and flexibility in the air.I can fly up to 30 miles per hour. I can also beat my wings really fast and can do a figure eight pattern. The best thing is I will be the only bird that can fly Backwards and upside down! yeay! 
Reason No 2: Super Brilliant
Of course if you want to be a superhero, you must be smart and brilliant! This bird is super smart. their brain is larger in comparison to body size than any other bird, 4.2% of its body weight. I will get the terrific memory, know every street that i ever fly. I can also hover in the air with my incredible wings
Photographer Bence Máté snapped this amazing shot in Costa Rica  
Reason No 3: Super Clean
I also maintain a very clean personality and always groom myself ;) I have also an oil gland on the back of my body near my tail, which acts like a shower gel to me  
Reason No 4 : Better than human
I can hear better, see better  than any human, that shows a better me, a superhero me 
Reason No 5 : Have high metabolism
A hummingbird's metabolism is roughly 100 times that of an elephant. So i wont be fat! ;)
Reason No 6 : Beautiful Super Hero
Apart from that (and a bonus) I will be the most beautiful bird ever in the world! I can flash my bright colors or hide it whenever i wanted too.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

And the winner is..

Good Morning everyone!
I know, i should be more than sorry to you, readers. As promised, I shud've posted the winner yesterday. But the internet connection at my house was as slow as I expected it shud be..*dush dush* mad with the connection, i went to bed early..haha..frustration always can be healed with sleep :)
Alrite.. continue .. The give away contest ran for 2 weeks starting from 1st June to 15th June 2012, as you can read it here. And of course, I would like to convey a very big THANK YOU to those who participated in the contest. I shud've prepared more prizes for you guys. Thanks a lot!
We are fortunate to have the participation of a very professionally lovely judge, Ms Lissa Maisarah ;) 
Ha, beria korek2 cari winner
Nah, mama! amik ni..
And the winner selected from the contestants.......................................
drum roll please!




the lucky winner is.....
Mrs Raihan!!
(she was indeed the first to participate)

I will contact you thru email for the prize delivery ;)
Again, thank you for those who participate. those who missed the give away, insyaAllah, there'll be more coming your way! stay tuned!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Premium Beautiful : The Product Description

Hello readers!

Today I would like to highlight on the Premium Beautiful Corset product description.
The whole package consists of 3 pieces. Long Gridle, Long Bra and Waist Nipper. There is also one piece of Short Bra for casual wear (ie: at home)
Have a look at the picture of each piece and the desription of the item:
• Mempunyai 3 keping jahitan cawan coli berstereoskopik yang dapat menolak ke atas, menyokong menetapkan kedudukan payudara.
• Mempunyai rawan keluli yang berfungsi untuk menetap dan mengukuhkan kedudukan payudara.
• Reka bentuk yang berkuasa tekanan dan regangan berganda di bahagian depan dapat menyelaras perut yang menonjol serta meningkatkan kontur payudara.
• 2 batang keluli berfungsi untuk menyelaras dan membentuk kontur badan.
• Reka bentuk yang berkuasa tekanan dan regangan di bahagian belakang dapat menyelaraskan lemak yang berlebihan.
• Bentuk “U” yang direka khas pada bahagian belakang coli dapat menonjolkan kontur badan yang menarik.
• Perhiasan berlian berbentuk rama-rama menonjolkan keunggulan produk.
• 3 pasang cangkuk membolehkan anda membuat penyelarasan yang sesuai

• 32 keping jahitan stereoskopik yang menggunakan teori tekanan untuk menumpu kembali lemak yang tersebar ke tempat asal.
• Reka bentuk di bahagian pinggul yang unik dapat memperbetulkan punggung yang kendur dan membentuk kontur pinggul yang lebih menarik.
 • Membahagikan garisan di bahagian paha dan pinggul, menumpukan lemak yang berlebihan di paha ke dalam cawan pinggul dan seterusnya menghasilkan kontur pinggul yang menarik.
• Kapas yang ditambah pada bahagian dalam seluar dapat memperbaiki kontur pinggang agar kelihatan lebih ramping.
• Perhiasan berlian berbentuk rama-rama menonjolkan keunggulan produk.
• Mampatan yang tetap ke atas abdomen pada seluar di bahagian perut dapat memecahkan lemak yang berlebihan dan menyelaraskan perut yang menonjol.
• Reka bentuk yang menggunakan kuasa tekanan dapat menyelaraskan lemak di bahagian dalam dan luar paha, membentuk kontur kaki yang cantik.
• Penggunaan 2 lapisan kain kapas yang berongga membolehkan peredaran udara yang baik dan selesa dipakai. Ia direka khas untuk bahagian sulit kaum wanita.
• Penggunaan renda (lace) yang fleksibel dapat mengelakkan pakaian dalam daripada tergulung akan menghasilkan garisan-garisan di bahagian paha.
• Mempunyai 7 batang keluli yang dapat menyokong bahagian pinggang dan mengukuhkan tulang belakang, seterusnya memperbaiki postur badan.
• Reka bentuk ergonomi yang unik dapat menyelaraskan lemak pada bahagian pinggang ke bahagian dada dan pinggul, seterusnya menghasilkan kontur badan yang menarik.
• Benang yang diimport dari Jepun membantu membentuk kontur badan yang menarik.
• Reka bentuknya yang fleksibel dapat memberi kesan yang memuaskan berdasarkan bentuk badan seseorang.
• 3 pasang cangkuk membolehkan anda membuat penyelarasan yang sesuai.
• Perhiasan berlian berbentuk rama-rama menonjolkan keunggulan produk.

• Mempunyai 3 keping jahitan cawan coli berstereoskopik yang dapat menampung payudara agar ia tidak jatuh dan menumpukannya kepada kedudukan yang betul.
• Diperbuat daripada fabrik Akwatek dan Akwadyne yang sebati dengan air dan disulami dengan cahaya infra merah jarak jauh (Far Infrared Ray) yang direka khas berdasarkan kajian dari bidang ergonomi. Ia dapat melindungi badan dari sinaran UV dengan berkesan serta menggalakkan peredaran darah dan kadar metabolisme, di samping meningkatkan keanjalan payudara dan menggalakkan pertumbuhan payudara.
• Mempunyai rawan keluli yang berfungsi untuk menganjal dan mengukuhkan kedudukan payudara.
• Reka bentuk yang berkuasa mampatan dan tegangan di bahagian depan dapat meningkatkan garis payudara dan menyokong bahagian dada.
• Reka bentuk yang berkuasa mampatan dan tegangan di bahagian belakang pula dapat mengurangkan lemak di bahagian belakang badan.
• Bentuk “U” yang direka khas pada bahagian belakang badan dapat menonjolkan kontur badan yang menarik.
• Mempunyai kuasa penyerapan yang baik, telap udara dan sesuai untuk pemakaian seharian.
• Mempunyai kuasa regangan dalam semua hala yang dapat diregang kepada 360 darjah mengikut pergerakan badan tanpa mengubah reka bentuk asalnya.
• Pad dada yang direka khas untuk membentuk payudara yang lebih mempesona.
• Hiasan corak bunga-bungaan menonjolkan keunggulan produk.
Credit to : Hai-O Marketing website
OK there you go. all pieces described clearly the advantages of wearing it.
Some might asked, is it okay if i wear it one piece only. Yes, sure, u can. but the effect will not be the same if you wear it all together.
After wearing it for almost 3 months now, i can feel the different. people who know me, and seen me lately, kept on making remarks like, "korang kena la kurus macam airin" ; or since Proton's launching the new campaign and contest of "Biggest Loser", the remarks like "kurus lagi dari airin", "at least "kurus dekat2 airin". I'm proud of this but the most important thing is to stay healthy (though I'm eating like crazyy! u can asked my friends if u dont believe me). Through our daily eating routine, definitely we cant stay with healthy food all the time. most of our food will contain fat from santan, oily fried food; and most of us couldnt get the fresh vege. InsyaAllah, by wearing Premium Beautiful corset consistently everyday, it will remove the toxic and all unnecessary unhealthy particle out from our body.
Now, there's no more "Airin domok" remark!
The main objective is to stay healthy.

Notes :
Anyone of you who wants to know more about the product, do not hesitate to contact me Airin Diana 017-6511966 FB ID :Airin Diana
or if you are interested on how I can make money tru side income business (plus Free Oversea trip 3 times per year and Car Fund) and be my biz partner, just call. I will share it, and the decision is yours.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The postponement of Give away result

Hello beloved readers!

first of all i would like to say very very much thanks to those of u who participated in my blog give away.

Though i promised to announce the winner today,i totally forgot that i have to attend a tressure hunt with my company today til tomorrow.

so hopefully all of u could be very patience..and wait for the result,to b announced on Monday,18th June 2012.

Stay tuned....!

p/s: sorry again for the delay... :(

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The First Give-away!

Reminder to all my lovely readers
Blog giveaway will end this Friday, 15th June 2012 at 12:00 midnite.
Hurry! You can be the Next Give away winner ! (not next American Idol ye..hehe)
Hello readers!
As promised, I would like to announce my first ever give-away for my blog. This is just some small token, for our children.
How to enter the give-away? Very easy. Just drop me a comment down below, leaving details :
Name :
Email address :
Blog : (if any)
How do you know this blog : (a few words on how u find my blog)
That's about it! If any of you extra, extra rajin, you can write and entry about me, and include the link in the comment.
and the prize..


special for our kids..
It is Winnie the Pooh sling Bag
Along with pencil case and stationeries 
Opps.. not along with Lissa, okay, who has been eyeing this bag, saying that it's hers. until i said it is for "kawan mama",
Okay, this give-away will be valid starting from today, 1st June 2012 until 15th June 2012.
The winner will be announced on the 16th of June 2012.

Premium Beautiful Business : Halal or Not?

Hello readers

Today I would like write about Premium Beautiful product marketed by Hai-O Marketing as a shariah-compliant company. It has been approved by Shariah Advisory Council (SAC) of the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) :
So now, you don't have to worry whether the business is Halal or not. It already got approval as a Halal business; not a financial services based on riba/interest. Hai-O listed under category of Trading/Services. Hai-O also received award for "PERNIAGAAN PALING BERETIKA" by KEMENTERIAN PERDAGANGAN DALAM NEGERI.
OK, now look at where we work right now. Is it Shariah-Compliant?
The company gives opportunity in business for anyone. Anyone can start this business, with a low risk and low investment.
Anyone of you wants to know more, call me 017-6511966 or email or FB ID: Airin Diana

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Premium Beautiful Commercial TV

Welcoming my new beautiful partner

Good Morning everyone!
I want to share a good news.
Now, welcoming my beautiful business partner (unofficially yet), Effa Zuriani aka my lovely sister.
Her first blog
I am lucky that in this business, we want to help one another, success together. People said, senang dikongsi bersama. Mengeratkan lagi ukhuwah and bonding. InsyaAllah, together we achieve.
Quote from my leader's blog, Shaliza Aziz, some FAQs regarding the business :
Q1 : Berapa modal nak join bisnes Premium Beautiful ni?Modal serendah RM50 jer sebagai registration fee jadi member. Yang lain tu adalah flexible ikut kemampuan masing-masing. Sebab tu la penting utuk kami buat presentation on paper and explain further terlebih dahulu supaya awak lebih jelas and then boleh pilih plan mana yang lebih menarik ;)

Q2 : Nanti dah join bisnes ni saya kena jual barang ke?
Yes dear. Semua bisnes melibatkan transaction jual beli samada produk ataupun perkhidmatan. Advantage untuk bisnes Premium Beautiful ni ialah ianya korset SUPERBRAND dan dah 20 tahun dalam pasaran. Awak tau tak superbrand tu ape? Maknanya banyak2 korset dalam pasaran, cuma Premium Beautiful yang mendapat pengiktirafan korset terbaik! Hebat kannnnnnnnnnnnn ;)

Q3 : Susah tak nak jual Premium Beautiful nih ?
Senang gile okay sebab demand sentiasa ada.. semua org nak nampak cantik kurus and bergaya.. selagi ade perempuan, selagi tu lah ada demand and wanita zaman sekarang semua dah ada kesedaran ttg kepentingan jaga kesihatan di samping nak sentiasa cantik! kannnnn!

Q4 : Tapi saya tak reti la nak jual2 barang ni..
Hidup ni antara Nak dengan Tak Nak je.. yang penting kita kena ada ILMU yang betul dan semangat nekad untuk berjaya dalam setiap bidang yang kita ceburi. Bile matlamat jelas, confirm boleh!!

Q5 : Hmm tapi saya tak reti la nak bukak mulut..
Cuba nganga tengok! hahaha .. klau tak reti, ape guna bisnes2 partner yang ade kan .. kami saling membantu antara satu sama lain .. so jangan la risau yer ..

Q6 : Kalau saya memang tak boleh nak jual jugak cemaner?
Once awak register sbg member dgn stokis B32 kami, u will become part of THE BIG GOLDEN FAMILY. There will be classes and personal guide for u by those yang dah sukses. Family kita besar and variety tau. Kita ada doktor, engineer, askar, penari aswara, peniaga pasar malam, full-time housewife, cikgu sejarah Kak Ana yg dulu demok skang kurus gilerrrrr... kalau diorang yang datang dari latarbelakang yg berbeza ponnn bole buat, takde alasan kenapa kita tak boleh.. yang menariknya, daripada personal experiences saya, dalam bisnes ni kita tak buat sorang2 sbb kalau kami tak tolong awak untuk berjaya, kami pon takkan ke mana..

Q7 : Bisnes ni kena carik-carik orang ke?
Bukan carik orang la sayang. Terms yang betul ialah membuka francais supaya bisnes kite berkembang maju. Kalau kita buat sorang-sorang, sampai bile nak maju? Kalau saya sebut McDonalds, Ani Sup Utara, Bangi Kopitiam, Mingo-Mingo, Each-A-Cup, Cosway, Avon, 7-Eleven semua tu, mesti awak tau kan..mcm mana awak tau? sebab pergi mana2 pon mesti ada francais kedai-kedai tu kan.. just imagine kalau McDonalds ade satu branch je kat MALAYSIA ni.. mesti untung tak banyak kan walaupun demand tinggi giler sebab supply is very limited.. macam tu la jugak bisnes kita ni.. kita share product kita and peluang berbisnes, CONFIRM untung banyak!

Q8 : Kalau saya duduk goyang kaki je bonus masuk tak?Waaaahhhhh hebat ko nyah! Selera tinggi tapi malas carik rezeki! Tepok mau? Ish ish ishhh.. dalam bisnes ni, awak buat, awak dapat.. lagi banyak awak buat, laaaaaaaaaaagi banyak awak dapat! Tapi saya nak tekankan kat sini, bisnes ni BUKAN SISTEM PIRAMID! haaaa bebanding dgn keje makan gaji kat ofis, keje bertambah, hari-hari balik lambat, ujung bulan dapat gaji sama je.. kalau ade extra pon bonus setahun sekali, tu pon depends on performance kita selama setahun tu.. nak naik gaji? ponnn depends on mood majikan kan.. nak naik pangkat?? ha tunggu la orang atas kita tu pencen, or kita kena carik keje lain.. penat kan?

Q9 : Saya tak pernah buat bisnes and saya memang zero bab bisnes.. cemane?
Ok mula2 rujuk jawapan Q5. then cuba ingat balik dulu masa kecik2 kita semua tak pandai membaca.. tapi mak ayah kita ajar, pastu hantar kita pegi sekolah lagi.. tup tup dah pandai membaca :) kannnnnn... pendek kata, DI MANA ADA KEMAHUAN, DI SITU ADA JALAN.. yang penting JANGAN MALAS! and BERHENTI BAGI ALASAN! sampai bila kita nak hidup ala-ala kadar je.. cukup bulan dapat gaji bayar hutang! tanggungjawab makin banyak, jasa mak bapak kita pon tak terbalas lagi.. sekarang ni saya datang bawak peluang untuk awak memajukan diri, BAGI PELUANG PADA DIRI AWAK UNTUK BERUBAH.. ok .. saya janji kita buat sama2 :)
OK, enough info for today. I will continue the brief in another entry. Any question? Please refer to me. I'm available and will try to free my time for. Let me share the business plan with you, and together we can achieve free 5-star trip to Paris and London, okay? Take good care of yourself and have a good day, my beautiful readers :)

For FREE business sharing & consultation and FREE trial
Contact me : | +6017-6511966

Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Family & Business Activity

Last weekend was a fruitful weekend, i'd say.
On Friday night, we went for a dinner at TGI Friday, e@curve. I was craving for steak so much that i had to ask my husband to go on that night. It was already 9:30 pm when we reached there. I was planning to watch Madagascar, but had to cancel it bcoz I couldnt find any available tickets anywhere online! Earlier that day I searched through the tgv cinema, gsc cinema, cineplex and also mbo. all fully booked! Yeah, i better plan earlier next time!! a reminder to myself! (dush dush! banging my head!..haha) It has been quite some time we brought Lissa and Hanie for a great walk. So that night, right after dinner, Lissa showed so much fun running around at the fountain at The Curve. We have been so busy since we got back from Jakarta last 3 weeks that I can see Lissa and Hanie need to get some air outside and just have fun.
Hanie posed with Abah (lately she likes to do that "look-away-when-mama-snaps-for-pix posed"
Kakak did her Angelina Jolie's lip..hhaha
Hanie rather played with fork and knife while waiting..eish! no-no!dangerous!
While waiting for our food, she killed time with crayon
Yeah,mine!The Tennesse New York Strip Steak with shrimp..nice! doneness? medium-well, of course.
Abah Sirloin Steak with Black Pepper Sauce and lots of brocolli
Abah's side dish, Blackened Shrimp - very hot!
Kids Eat Free! One Spaghetti - though not really a kids' portion.
another Kid eats free, Fish and fries.. nice! Hanie's fav
Then, on Saturday, during the day, since my husband had to go to work, I brought Lissa and Hanie to Empire, to Kizsports and Gym. At first I wanted to pay upfront Lissa' playclass which I had to suspend last month (due to the travelling) and this month (due to..erm.. a lot!!). Lissa will resume back her playclass next month. Lissa and Hanie definitely had fun with the colorful balls and slides.
Kanak-kanak riang ria
Somehow, i met Mommy Nadine who was having a playdate with her friend. Just lucky had a chance to met those 2 cute twins!! so chubby!
Later that night,I went for a class for the Premium Beautiful business. This is the first time I have a chance to join the class. I never thought the class was swarmed with many beautiful partners. Surprisingly, they were all very open minded and positive thinker. Let me share a few of the points that I received from those speakers:
Speaker #1 : A 25 years-old guy, not yet married, at the highest position (the 5th level)
The reason he started this business because he wants to help his parents. His parents were poor. He is very determined that he has to bring his parents for Umrah, walk and tawaf side by side with them. It was so touchy when he said that. very pure,.. and Alhamdulillah, not even 1 year, he managed to bring along his parents together with him for an Umrah. how lucky.
Points that I received during that day, also from other speakers :
  • We need to change our life - for a better life - even though we maybe said we have enough money, then ask ourself, do we have time for our family, our kids? -> Freedom of Time and Money
  • Our life is short. If we dont grab the chance, when will we? Change start with me! (as what Proton asked me to do..hehe)
  • We said we already bersyukur with what God gave to us, but do we really? We asked for "murah rezeki" but we didnt grab the chance that God keeps giving to us. People said, Doa is not enough, we must strive and work for it.
  • Price of groceries, households, fuel kept on increasing, but is it relatively increased with our salary? No, right?
  • We want to make our parents a better living. If we get a chance, we definitely want to give them extra money, buy them a comfortable car, house; send them for an Umrah or Haj.
  • Do we have a chance to go for an oversea trip? kalau tak plan awal, jgn harapla kan? high price of flight tickets..and when we already spent a lot, we'll reduce on the accomodation - usually a budget Hotel..hehe. but in the business, we get the chance to travel for free, and not a regular trip, it is 5-star trip. everything will be borne by company, flight tickets for 2, accommodation, transportation, meals all day long. we just hv to bring our money for shopping. and usually that shopping money will come from our big fat bonus.
Those speakers were already success less than 2 years in the business. by doing it consistently and with support from leaders and business partners, they are able to do it. just look at my friend's wife. She is now driving a 3-series bmw at the age not even proud! just reached 1 year in business.
And definitely, look at my leader, Shaliza Aziz. She is a very hard-working people, who wants to work hard to help her partners. On Sunday, she called for an O-group. A discussion to overcome obstacle in business, deals with rejections and how to manage our time schedule. It was a class to guide us how to do it. She will be 1 year in biz this July, but now her income is more than RM10k monthly plus car subsidy. and she do it part time. It wasnt about making sales every month. We sell it minimal, and we had biz partners. that's how we grow.
Alhamdulillah, until now, reaching 2 months, I'm left with only 2 last sets with me. I need business partners when I have more customers. If you are interested, please email me, or pm me at 017-6511966.
Just remember, we do it in group. we help one another. When I have customers, I'll pass it to you to deal with. and this product is definitely a Can sell product. why? because it is effective, and because it has lifetime warranty, because it showed a lot of positive changes and improvement and testi. Dont have to worry how to run the business. Let me share with you. and you can make decision. InsyaAllah, when there's a will, there'll be a way!

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