Monday, July 25, 2011

Nothing in this world could replace them

A mother of two!
Early last year, i didn't really think it was my thing

But today, it definitely is!
I'm now a mom of two. two kids. to be specific, one toddler and one baby.
Funny how time flies sooooo fast!
i still think i'm very young. and so young.
By having two kids, really makes me looked old..(sad)
I am so lucky to have these two lil person in my life.
I've been blessed to be a mother of two.
though those days that I've gone through did test my patience.
but i'm blessed..and definitely HAPPY
Left : Lissa. Right : Hanie.
Nur Adriana Lissa Maisarah - or as we called her, Lissa - was born on 2nd October 2009, 1:52 pm, weighted 2.47 kg. Has always been our soul these almost 2 years..and will continue til the end of time.
Nur : Light (in Malay: Cahaya), Adriana : Fraction (in Malay: Nisbah) -InsyaAllah, will be bright in Math, Lissa : Devoted to God (in Malay: Taat kepada Tuhan) ,Maisarah : richness, happiness (in Malay: kekayaan, kegembiraan, kesenangan)

Nur Aireena Hanie Myazara - or as we called her, Hanie - was born on 21st April 2011, 12:16 pm, weighted 2.50 kg. Has been our pride and joy..and will always be..
Nur : Light (in Malay: Cahaya),Aireena : To Continue, Hanie : Happy, delighted, content, Myazara : Clever, Princess

There was not much difference between these two girls. Both have made our life cheerful and eventful. Both never been like "those" babies who kept on crying. they never made our night sleepless. Both are easy to handle.
sometimes they did look almost the same..
sometimes hanie looks chubbier than lissa 
But one thing definitely for sure is :
i recycled most of Lissa's clothes for Hanie..hehehe!!

Lissa has become a very responsible elder sister. She listens to me, most of the times.. whenever i asked her to pick up things, or to put things back, or to get diapers, or lotion, she did as what i asked. Looking at her, i can see much much matured toddler in her. before, she still confused what is this small person doing in her house, or cuddling with mama, but now she knows that this lil person, is not just a 'bibi' (read: baby), but this is her "adek" and "yanie" (read: hanie).

Mama & Abah love you, kakak! You'll always be our diamond.
Mama & Abah love you, too, Hanie bam bam, our pearl forever.
Lissa learns to be a cheerful and funny elder sis.
She wont let me took picture of her sis alone. nak jugak interframe ;)
For whatever it is, i love them so very much, with all my heart..
Nothing in this world could replace them.

Friday, July 22, 2011

July Updates

Hello all!
Wow.. i can almost see the spiderwebs all over my blog..hehe!
Today definitely marked my 1st month working after being a mom of two.
A lot actually i've accomplished for this 1st month.

I finished off one of the 2-year project with a PQCM (meaning : Product Quality Confirmation Meeting). This definitely quite a release since i can handover the project to Production people. no more monitoring by Engineering (aka me)!

Mommy's Responsibilities: this point of time, i manage to pump at least twice daily at the office.. although during the 1st week, 3 times daily.. i reduced it to twice.. meetings and plant visit forced me to reduce it. i felt bad coz i had to consume the frozen ebm without replacing it with a fresh one. but i'm thankful for the chance to pump without any interference from my boss (actually they didnt know it..coz every pumping sessions were done right after morning meeting, at surau, far away from my office.)

Wife's Responsibilities:
erm.. what can i say.. if i had the extra time, without feeling tired, i'll cook for my husband.. if not, we just bought it outside.. sorry mr hubby. i am extra thankful for having a loving and understanding husband :)

I need to update more after this. especially with pictures of hanie.. she has became a very chubby baby nowadays.
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