Friday, May 27, 2011

From Lissa's Diary : Outing with Maksu

Today, lissa would like to write about an outing with my youngest auntie, Maksu. We had a blast last Saturday when my abah and my mama brought us for a day out. It has been a while since our last outing.
It started when early in the morning, mama woke me up and took me for a bath..then I saw mama took my baby sister, hanie for a warm bath too. I was surprised to see that Hanie didn’t cry at all. Usually she would cry, but I believe she was also excited to go out that day.
After all of us got dressed up, abah told us that we were heading to mama’s favorite’s breakfast spot, McD.
Me and my beloved Maksu
We had breakfast together, except for Hanie, who slept all the way. I wonder why babies always sleep.
See, i told you, Hanie slept all the way.
After we finished eating, we headed out to our most visited mall, Sunway Pyramid. 
We had a stroll inside the mall when Hanie suddenly cried out loud. I think she was hungry or maybe felt cold though mama already wrapped her tight with blanket. So we rushed to the nearest baby’s room in the Jusco. After mama fed hanie, she was sleeping soundly again.
Then we had our lunch, again at one of my mama’s fav restaurant, Papa John. 

This was the 2nd week we had lunch here. I wonder when mama’s going to get tired (muak) of eating pizza?

Afterwards, we went to the playground inside the mall. 

I had a fun time playing there til abah asked me to stop that i refused to.
Before we got back, we went to Parkson’s baby room..i’m embarrassed to admit it, but..urm how to say it in proper way..yeah, my diaper needed to be changed..hihihi. maksu said, it smelled so bad! Sorry, maksu! 

And hanie also took this as an opportunity for another round of feeding!
This was the last chance I had with maksu coz by this week she’ll be going off to her campus, starting a new round of sem. I’m gonna miss you, maksu! All the best to you.. and once again, sorry for all my wrongdoings and my notie behavior for the whole month taking care of me.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Experience in Breastfeeding

By deciding that I want to exclusively breastfeed my baby, for at least the first 6 months, did change a lot, whether it's my lifestyle, my diet, my working schedule, my routine and even my clothing. It did bring a lot of challenges that i need to overcome. But the most challenging obstacle is other people's mindset. 
There are people who obviously simply love to choose to be negative in any way. These people once said to me: Kenapa nak bersusah-payah bf? kena ikut time waktu pumping. kan ada susu formula. They also scrutinized me by saying: Every pumping session took half-an-hour. You need 2 to 3 sessions the whole working period? 
To them, these are my answers : Every baby has their right to be fed with mother's milk. As a mom, you are obliged to sacrifice everything to nurse your baby, unless if there were some complication such as medical related reason. So, the answer is yes - i have to bersusah-payah for this, for the sake of my baby. Yes - i took more than 1 hour of my working time dedicated for pumping session. by doing that doesn't mean i couldn't finish my task on time (i do believe, you too, people, took a lot more than that, doing not-a-work-stuff : smoking break, chit-chatting, surf internet, etc..right?)
Here is something that i found which answered better to those people.

Why Work and Pump??(article found from this link)
By continuing to breastfeed after you return to work, you will:
  • Provide the best nutrition for your baby
  • Make it possible to keep breastfeeding when you are together
  • Keep a special closeness to your baby even when you must be apart
  • Save money
  • Avoid the health risks associated with formula feeding
  • Miss less work, because breastfed babies are sick less
From my experience with our first baby, Lissa, i managed to bf her for a lil more than a year, til i couldnt bf anymore due to my 2nd pregnancy. since it was tiring being pregnant (yes, i know, i shouldnt make it an excuse), my milk supply suddenly dropped. anyhow, i am proud of myself for those effort. and now, i am so determined to bf our 2nd baby, Hanie, insyaAllah, until she's 2.
Learning from mistake, i've just started stashing up ebm for Hanie when i got back to work after maternity leave. Previously for Lissa, i didnt hv any stocks left for her. what i pumped during the day would be her supply for the next day at nursery. 
From my previous entry, i wrote about the obstacle in breastfeeding (part 1 and part 2), especially facing people who hv very low exposure and knowledge about bf. also some happy moments when i could easily got 8 oz of milk in 1 session (it was very rare to me during bf Lissa).
Now, i already started my stocking up project for Hanie, i've to set in my mind and body that i am a hardworking-pumping mom..hehe
My stock on Friday, May 20th :
My stock by Tuesday, May 24th:

Finally, the lower compartment of my freezer already full.After this, my frozen ebm will be fighting over with fishes, chicken and beef.. hehe. Alhamdulillah, compared to previous experience bf Lissa, i finally collecting up to 18 bottles now. Hopefully, by end of my confinement leave, my ebm successfully outgrow any frozen food inside my freezer. yeay!
Looking up my colleague aka my Indahria-apartment-mate aka my mentor, mommy nadia, i finally started pumping vigorously ;) really impressed with her stocks, full in the freezer. you are definitely my inspiration, Nadia!! huhu
As for now, my baby, Hanie, does looking chubby and chubbier as day passed by.
Gigit kang pipi, baru tau! geram
My hubby said the other day: Yang! Tengok sini! Macam nak meletup la pipi Hanie ni..
kuang kuang kuang.. so funny!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Outing During Pantang?

Aha! On my 24th day of my confinement, we went out to Sunway Pyramid. Yes, i know, some people said i should have stay at home. No, it wasnt intentional. I was supposed to return Maxis Broadband that was sent out to me earlier within 7 days, or else i would be charged for the slowest internet line ever! There, my answer, or could i say, my excuse..hehehe.
We had lunch at..of of my fav restaurant..Papa John ;)
sedapnye..she did enjoy cheese stick wif marinara sauce

the love of my life - thanks babe for the treat ;)

Posed wif abah

Posed wif mama


or not?

Mama's pizza. yummy!

Abah's cheese sticks and Chicken wings

Mama's Latte & Abah's F&N Strawberry

Talking about going out before 'habis hari', when i was waiting for my turn at Maxis, this one makcik looked at baby Hanie and asked me,"berapa bulan ni?". and i answered dgn selambernye.."3 minggu, cik". she was surprised! i know looking at the look on her face. then she looked at me, atas bawah.. luckily that time, i could say, saved by the bell, when my number was up! hmm.. maybe what was going through her mind was, kalau aku zaman dulu, jgn haraplah boleh keluar rumah, nak2 lagi pegi sunway pyramid! hehe.. nasibla makcik...
Oh, talking about my Project during my confinement leave.. i just started last 2 weeks, and really pushing it tru this week.. i managed to collect more than 10 bottles (and counting).

just filled up one-fifth of my freezer..
tak bleh lagi nak minta deep freezer from my hubby :)
During Wesak Day, I received a visit from my friend, Nadila. Such lovely kids she has..Qistina, Mirza and baby Mikael. we did some catching up, tho a lot to talk about with such a lil time. 
Some of updated pix from baby hanie..
on her 1st month age

Kakak Lissa and Baby Hanie

Kakak Lissa pura2 baik dgn adik

Ha, terkantoi plak! eish eish
Ok, enuff updates from me.. byk sgt membebel after quite some times not updating this blog. Have a great weekend!

Monday, May 16, 2011


that's the only word that keeps on playing, rewinding, recording through my head the whole weekend.
i was up as early as 5 am to change hanie's diaper..yes, she pooped, and a lot!
then another hour to feed her which last for more than an hour..
then about 7:30 am, which is half-an-hour apart from my last activity, i got up just to prepare formula for Lissa. (luckily, i've got mr hubby who woke up 5 mins earlier than me to change Lissa's diaper. yes, she pooped like her baby sister too..)
after that, i got an hour for a nap.
woke up - brushed off Hanie's barut due to her pooped after soaking it. then did 1 load of laundry - all these 2 kids' clothing.
prepared warm water for Hanie - yup, she woke up to be fed.
fed Hanie for about half an hour, while sometimes yelled at Lissa coz she messed the room with all her toys.
took hanie for a bath - she screamed as loud as she could. not happy to take bath,i guess
then took Lissa for a bath - whom ran across the hall just so to tease her mom. fuhhh.. another exercise for me
after that, i prep both of them for a nap. phew, lucky to have them both sleep for more than 2 hours.
Only after that i could have alone time - catching up with laundry, showering and having brunch.
i know, i should've let my mom took Lissa back to Nilai this weekend, but i just couldnt let Lissa go, for what, 2-3 nights in a row. though she did test me a lot, i mean, A LOT! but i still need her to entertain me. with her multiple funny faces, with her dancing along with iklan-especially the ribena ad, with her mimicking me, her abah and her baby sister - sneezing, coughing, laughing and crying. we did enjoy it. 

before the baby popped out of me, i managed to meet up with 2 of my buddies, Hazrina and Shahida on Sunday. we met 4 days before i deliver, at Nando's, Subang Parade.
Lissa with Hazrina's 4 mo baby

"baby, baby!"

Lissa, pose for abah

From left, Shahida and her baby, Aira; Hazrina and her baby, Hana; me and Lissa.

The chaos!

Lissa and Aira shook hand

Cute, baby, said Lissa.
Aira, Shahida's baby is only 4 days younger than Lissa. see previous entry where Lissa and Aira met for the first time. We did a lil catching up since last time we met was almost a year. Fyi, Sha's wedding date was 1 day after mine (mine on 24th Dec 08) and Hazrina was on 27th Dec 08. I guess when we were so close, our jodoh also almost close to each other.. funny yet true :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our 2nd baby Nur Aireena Hanie Myazara

I would like to share a few pix from our 2nd baby, Nur Aireena Hanie Myazara aka baby hanie
Fresh from oven - 1 hr after delivery

with her kakak Lissa

Sorry for the blurry pix - seriously surprised when suddenly hanie smiled at me!

mata bulat-bulat! 5 days old

me, bf-ing hanie while waiting for our 1st checkup at Salam Med. Center.
two thumbs up for the very comfortable nursing room :)

Lissa was running inside the room and playing with the curtain while waiting..

Kakak Lissa - posed for her Abah at Salam

Hanie @ 2-weeks old - strong enuff to held her head

That's all for now. a very super short updates - while Hanie still sleeping, and Lissa still at her babysitter's :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Minor "Blog Makeover"

Finally, did a few changes on the pix and update on the ticker. funny how my sis pm me and told me to update the pregnancy mode to already delivered mode..hehe.. i totally didnt notice the ticker. now, changed the ticker to Hanie's age. and i was surprised, it has been 2 weeks since the delivery.. wow! how time flies..hanie pun dah nampak a lil berisi. alhamdulillah, my bm keeps on coming. i want to start my project to keep stock for hanie, but not until this blister goes. insyaAllah, another 2-3 days i will manage to start.. Pray for me that i could keep stock as many as i could, finished off the bottle storage that i have and proved to my hubby that he needs to buy me a deep freezer :) kan mr hubby, kan?
oh, i want to share this pix of lissa.. just snap it.. so funny when she posed in front of the almari:
Lissa...lissa....buah hati mama and abah..

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Berpantang Mode

my berpantang mode still on.. it's just that i manage to escape a few routine that was previously done during my confinement time with Lissa. hehe.. as usual, the bertangas thingy, i did only twice.. bertungku, not yet done, i was waiting for my order of tungku moden to arrive ( i placed order a day before i deliver and due to no stock at that time, the shipment has been delayed. it shud be arrived by this wk). Pilis? yes, a few times applied it. now, not yet anymore. Param? aha, also few times, but only applied it on my legs. Tapel? no no, used it previously, and rashes kept on coming..
As for the menu, i ate many things. luckily my mom is on medical background. so all the superstitious pantang larang from our nenek moyang were dished!..hehe.. thank God. the first day, i already ate chicken porridge. 
Luckily this time, i manage to bf Hanie all the way. She never tasted any formula. i did have enough bm to feed her. Alhamdulillah.. however, as before, i suffer major blister. everytime during the feed, i almost wanted to scream.. and she sucks so strong.. pray to God that i'll manage to go through this experience and endure all these pain. 
Having to juggle 1 baby and 1 toddler at one time was a chaotic experience! With this baby growing up, having to feed her almost every 2 hours.. Last night was a disaster.. She didnt want to sleep..She wanted to be feed from 12 am to 5:30 am! imagine how my blister that i got...i was sleepy and tired and couldnt do anything but feed her...
Enough rambling about all these.. i need to enjoy these days passed by..
Love this pix!
Till we meet again!

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