Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday and Weekend

Wah, already Friday!
Cant wait to go home..
relax and attend more birthday parties this weekend!

yeay! it's Friday!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lissa's New Obsessed

Yes. I know. I couldn't find free time to update this blog.
Many reasons and excuses behind it ;)
And thanks to those who are still waiting for my new updates. A lot actually!
But first let me lay it out before i forgot, and somehow didn't hv time (hehe)
1. Coverage on Lissa's Birthday Party
2. Lissa's new progress
3. Lissa's new obsessed
4. My pregnancy progress
5. My new house progress
6. My new job task and moving to a new office

But today, i will choose on one topic out of those. (mcm zaman sekolah masa jawab BM Karangan plak..)
Topic No 3 : Lissa's new Obsessed
Everyone, Meet Mr Pinky!
Lissa just got it -fresh- last night.
We went to Sunway Pyramid for a movie (uhuh, 2nd movie for Lissa)
We got there around 9:20 pm.
But since the movie started on 10:15 pm, we went for a short walk going to some of the toys' stores.
We were supposed to buy present for Adam (Nadia's handsome boy) for his birthday party this weekend.
While I was looking at those toys (with a voice inside my head telling me "if Adam were a girl, it will be much much easier for me to choose..hehe"), Lissa and her abah went to other section.
I was quite nervous when I noticed that they'd gone. After looking aisle by aisle, i finally spotted them near baby's clothing area.
My husband was trying to fit Lissa into a pair of shoes. funny, but it was a pink shoe. after wearing the shoe, my husband said, ok, lets pay. then i said, that's it? nope, he showed me what was Lissa's holding to. the pink teddy bear was so cute with Lissa hugging it. hai.. bertuah la anak mama ni. baru pegang, abah belikan.
This is actually the first time i saw Lissa hanging on to something longer than a breath, which made me ponder, will this mr pinky be her bantal busuk, especially when she received new family member afterwards?
Now, lets enjoy looking at Lissa's picture, while dozing off last night.
(alamak, sila abaikan gambar kaki lissa ye..sungguh kurang sopan) 

sleep well, dear..

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Lissa..

Happy Birthday, Lissa..
Sorry mama couldnt update your birthday party report earlier.
Now mama can only illustrate a lil bit around your 1st birthday party (oh, i just hope i could have more time)

First of all, i would like to say big thanks to my friends who were able to squeeze their busy schedule of attending all the open houses to attend Lissa's party.
Secondly, i would like to convey gratitude to my family, especially my mom and my lovely sis for working so hard to make sure the event was successfully launched.
Thirdly, of course to my beloved hubby, or i could say my banker for the day, who had been splashing it all for our daughter's first birthday.

Still, i havent upload pix from my camcorder to the pc. these are the only 2 pix i got from my friends :)

Sing along, dear.. Happy Birthday to me!
(oh the angel wing was abah's idea, not mama's, ok?)

with her friend, Anas (my officemate's son, Dayang)

I'll update later on, when i have the opportunity..

To my baby, Lissa..
i always pray for your health, for your safety, to be a good and solehah daughter's to mama and abah.
always, always, be a good girl, and insyaAllah, will be a good elder sister to ur coming soon adik ;)
ur mama~

Monday, October 11, 2010


I know i have to update more often. it has been..what.. a month, since my last update. Aside from my busy working routine, a new project, plus with the no access to internet (yes, we do have the maxis broadband, but my husband tends to conquer it..and i dont want to open my laptop at home. rather spending time with my lil one) so when is the time to update? only during my free working hour, which seemed to be very scarce lately.
I will update on Lissa's Birthday celebration later. The preparation was very last minute, and i missed quite a few number of people to invite. since the party was held at my parents' at Nilai, i couldnt prepare the decoration early on. Never mind, this is my first event to plan, the next birthday for Lissa, will be much much well-prepared, i hope so.. and to most of mommies bloggers, i'm sorry i couldnt invite you guys because of the timing. we'll do it next year, ok? Even the birthday cake, i totally forgot to book ahead. So we went to King's at Nilai that saturday morning to buy the cake. can you imagine how my prep was sooo out of line? i haven't uploaded yet Lissa's pix. i tried to, but couldnt get through. not sure either it is due to the connection, or this blogger error. got to go.. we'll talk later, then! da~
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