Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Because you're worth it!

Because you're worth it.

Another great testimonies from my Premium Beautiful clients 

Great isnt it?
I am very satisfied when i can help others.
This client of mine now became my business partners was an unknown.
Though we just met a few times, but we finally hit it off and get along so well.
Thanks to God and the media social for the opportunity knowing her.
She is slim, indeed kuurrusss giler..a young mom of one. Her main concern was more on her posture. 

Kalau ada orang kata, Premium Beautiful tu mahal lah. Corset je pun..
but when they wear it, they know why..
they got the whole package of benefits. 
They can feel the comfort of material
They can notify the difference as compared to those cheap corset out there
In fact this is the ONLY corset in Malaysia that received the SUPERBRAND AWARD
Not focusing on beauty, it focused mainly on health. 70%!
Aside from having a beauty-shaped body, Premium Beautiful helps those with backpain, slip disc, migraine, gastric and many others.

So those of you who wants to give a try, let me know.
i have a special gift waiting for you!
and it is on FLEXIBLE payment (means that bayar 2 kali, 5 kali or up to 10 kali bayar)
As long as you are satisfied, i am very much satisfied.

To mommies dalam pantang & baru bersalin, i have a special free gift Maharani worth RM65 for you!

Each purchase will include FREE Premium Beautiful Hand Wash Detergent worth RM42.

Contact me now to have free trial. 
Free measurement and free fitting will be offered.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

COZY Business Plan

Hello all!
Im very excited to let you know that we are launching a FLEXIBLE business plan under the GLAMJunior program, series of COZY BUSINESS PLAN
It is called:
With a very low capital
Having to distribute a very high demand product BB PLUS COLLAGEN
the income is an easy money.
High Margin of Return
Suitable for those who doesnt have large capital, low risk, definite return, housewife, students.
What are the benefits?
Income starting RMxxx and opportunity to gain more up to 5 figures
Free Fully sponsored Oversea trip
Opportunity to have Luxury Car
Free guidance and training by experience, successful MOGUL Hanis Haizi & Razali Zain
Professional group under GLAM
This is an opportunity of a lifetime
Which doesnt come by very often
Grab it and start building ur own business
Stable, high reputable, BSKL Listed Company
Syariah Conpliance
Multiple National and International award
Recognized by Malaysian Government
What are you waiting for?
This business puts you incharged of ur own destiny
It is proven to be a viable income - Donald Trump
This business has never failed anybody. They just give up - Winston Wong
It's not how much you start, but how much u'll make.
Pm me to start the journey to success

Friday, May 24, 2013

TOP 25 Best Destination in the World 2013

I read this article by for the TOP 25 Best destination around the world voted by travelers.
You can read the whole 25 destinations HERE
I've visited 4 out of 25 destinations in the list.

No 2 : New York City
No 7 : San Francisco, California
No 13 : Bangkok, Thailand
No 14 : Chicago, Illinois

Most of the places were during my studies back in the States and Bangkok for work.

And I am super duper happy when i qualified a fully sponsored 5-star treatment Trip to Shanghai which is No 22 on the list by my business company.
but am increasingly super duper on-the-top-of-the-world happy when company upgraded the trip to Seoul, Korea due to some contagious disease occurs currently at China.
Though Korea was not in the top 25 in the list, but it was the top 5 in my to go list!!

Next trip will be open SO SOON!!! NOW is the best time to start business.
Within 4 months, you can get your FOC trip and 5 figure income!!
Trust me. It is proven!

Contact me now for opportunity of a lifetime.
Your life changing moment starts now.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

away Notes.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Private Hi Tea Jovian Mandagie

To fulfill the teaser i made in previous entry (click here)

GLAMpreneurs were invited by Hanis Haizi, the founder to a very very special event, private hi tea with Jovian Mandagie, the famous and talented world renowned designer. As you all know, Jovian has just launched his new collection of JHijab last month. but since most of us were fighting and really busy for the Shanghai Package, we didnt have the chance to go. Since hanis knows Jovian really well, she called up and arranged for the special event.
jovian mandagie butik

jovian mandagie butik
The announcement made by Jovian in his instagram

jovian mandagie butik
Breakfast before we went to the boutique
jovian mandagie butik
Convoy together with my leader, Shaliza Aziz
jovian mandagie butik
In front of the Jovian Mandagie's boutique
jovian mandagie butik
jovian mandagie butik
We were getting a very special treatment by Jovian and his team
jovian mandagie butik
Jovian's new collection of jHijab
jovian mandagie butik
Me, selecting the new raya design.
jovian mandagie butik
Jovian Mandagie and me
The talented designer and very friendly.
jovian mandagie butik
He showed us how to wear the jHijab
jovian mandagie butik
jovian mandagie butik
jovian mandagie butik
jovian mandagie butik
jovian mandagie butik
jovian mandagie butik
You can view more on jHijab :
Click here
jovian mandagie butik
The Reception
jovian mandagie butik
jovian mandagie butik
Terus la submit order, okay!
jovian mandagie butik
At payment counter
jovian mandagie butik
With the most helpful assistant, Amee.
Thanks dear for your assistance.
jovian mandagie butik
Posed sket next to the 5 digit worth of dress
jovian mandagie butik
Our beloved leader, GLAM founder, both Hanis Haizi and husband Razali Zain
(sangat2 fun tengok both of them. very loving. seronoknye kalau later in the business, do it with husband. we can have the whole time together and still making crazy money)
jovian mandagie butik
The collections
jovian mandagie butik
Designers dresses. sangat cantek okay!
jovian mandagie butik
Lagi baju yg super cantek. 
jovian mandagie butik
with one of the very very classy dress
jovian mandagie butik
Hover sket amik gambar ye.. with one of the youngest successful GLAMpreneur, yong. Baru 25 tahun, but now income ribu riban :)
jovian mandagie butik hanis haizi
With the most talented, responsible leader, Hanis Haizi. a special thanks to her for the arrangement of this private hi tea. without her, none of us would be able to get such a special treatment like this.
jovian mandagie butik
The most dedicated business partner, Afizah. She will be one of the top GLAMpreneurs one day. insyaAllah!
jovian mandagie butik
Hanis and Afizah
jovian mandagie butik jhomme
Men, dont worry. Jovian also provides designer shirts for ya, under the name of JHomme
jovian mandagie butik jhomme
All already sold out if you try to look at the fashion valet.
We've got to pre-order it during that time. 
jovian mandagie butik jhomme
Unique kan design dia?
jovian mandagie butik jhomme
and u wont get it anywhere outside
jovian mandagie butik jhomme
and of course i bought one for my lovely husband. as a thank you gift for his support throughout my business.
jovian mandagie butik
kasut pun canteeekk!!
jovian mandagie butik fafau
This is the special one.  This dress has been worn by Farah Fauzana aka fafau during the ABPBH
jovian mandagie butik  fafau
Me and leader yg sangat mengambil berat on her partners, Shaliza Aziz.
Amik aura sket. The dress was so special that it is very detailed in the beads
jovian mandagie butik
Us, the GLAMpreneur with our leader, Hanis Haizi
jovian mandagie butik
Muka very satisfied tu dapat beli baju kat jovian mandagie's boutique
jovian mandagie butik
Slalu cari kat online, mesti habis.. or no size. now i can custom order to my need. Sukeeerr!!!
jovian mandagie butik
Ni lagi sorang yg kegembiraan, kan fiza?

jovian mandagie butik jhijab
Tunjuk sket the jHijab that i bought
jovian mandagie butik jhijab
Purple with the blingbling showed J Jovian
jovian mandagie butik jhijab
the material is so soft and the design is sophisticated.
I was so glad to be in GLAM.
We had so many chance to explore in business and also in pleasure.
Cant wait for the next GLAD (Green Leaders Activity Days)
and our shopping 5-star treatment Trip to SHANGHAI!!!

Anyone of you who are wondering, book ur appointment with me. 
Let me share with you the way to freedom.
and happiness

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