Friday, April 30, 2010

updates and updates

Wow! It has been quite some time since my last updates.. so many things happened yet so little time to update.
A good news early morning : my trip to china has been canceled!!
you know why i'm so relieved?
1. No bm stock for Lissa - I havent stocking up even after the news for the bus trip to china - pumping like crazy, but Lissa finished up any milk left
2. Will not be apart with my hubby - yes, sounds lame, rite? but truthfully (i realize this after my husband told me so the other day) we never been apart for more than 24 hours...!! funny, yet true...hehehe
3. I dont have my passport - weird? yes, i couldn't find it!! i've been looking and searching for the passport for almost 3 days in a row, and our apt wasnt that big. yet, i couldnt find it... i couldnt even remember when is the last time i have it in my hand.. what i remember is, we were moving out from Brunsfield Apt to Indahria, and I was thinking that the passport is very important that i should put it in a very safe place, which up til now, i dont know where.. so safe that noboday could find it including me!! one of the petanda that i wont be going to china..hehehe
4. the main reason why im so relieved - will not be apart with my baby.. never slept at nite without her. i couldnt imagine how would my life be without her....

So, now that i'm all relieved.. i can concentrate on my life :)

Last 2 weekends (17th Apr), we went to one of the most fun bowling game that my husband had to attend.
The game was called FB & Celebrities Bowling Game. It was featured in the Harian Metro last week. The event was organized by Sharifah Shahora and her husband. A few famous actors and not so famous actresses came to join the game held at Berjaya Times Square.
There, my husband made his throw, right next to Eizlan Yusoff
Us, posed before the game start.
Lissa started to be cranky, me and my sis had to find baby room to feed her.
Lissa slept after the feed. So we went back to the bowling center.(happily)
Lissa was partially awake after a 30-min nap.
Again, she was cranky, all the noise and need to sleep, she asked for more feed. Feeling so tired to go to the baby room, which was 20-min walk, i publicly bf her behind the locker room inside the bowling center.
Lissa-Refused to sleep.
My husband - having some bowling discussion with Eizlan. (yup, he's friendly and not acting like top famous actor type.)
my sis took a chance - taking pix with her fav actor - ako mustafa - whom is also very friendly.
and the winner goes to : my fav team - (from left : mr azman, mr rosman, mr shafie & mr fathillah)
they got the fifth place, but everyone in the team received quite an awesome hampers.
and of course, the choc belongs to me and my sis..haha!

The next morning (18th Apr), my husband played one of the important game : Proton's Bowling InterDepartment 2010, rep for our Department - Casting, held at Sunway Pyramid.
We went there with my ofcemate/friend, Miss Saniah.

the champion for single category

Congrates, dear! i was so impressed with his score!!
The scores went like this :
First game 201 (wow!)
Second game 158 (zaman merudum)
Third game 185
Forth Game 199 (i was so impressed!!)
Of course he got the first place in the single category.
On the individual scoring, the overall game, he was the 6th ranking. He went for the individual high score master selection. the tension and pressure were high since he had to play one player per lane..
To my surprise, 2 games, total score was 404 (194 + 210)!
He was the second highest, and received RM50 as a token ;)
We went for burger king later that day - i was starving (though already had nasi lemak for breakfast). but considering that i did a public bf twice, okay! at the bowling's office and one more time right in the bowling's cafe!

Lissa bored @ Burger King - asking for a burger, i guess? no-no!not now, hon.
Lissa waving - saying goodbye - at the parking, while waiting for her abah to get the car
Lunch for Lissa - mashed potato - and she loves it!
I'm full, mama! Thank you!
And, dinner for us! Sweet Sour Ikan Siakap-no, that's not coming from the stall - it was from my kitchen-home made, ok?
fried baby kailan
and of course, jantung pisang to boost up my supply!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Travelling time?

Oh NO..!!
I just heard that I've been nominated by my manager to join my manager and superior to visit a Foundry and Casting International Exhibiton Center......and it will be held in....


I dont know how i'm going to prepare to go there
not that i'm worry about the journey..
or the language..
or the toilet (heard some stories about the toilet..euuuww!)..
or the environment..
or the weather..
or am i the only female ..
or the clothing..

the first thing that came flying through my mind was..
HOW am i going to stock up my bm for Lissa??

Now, what i pumped will be used the next day. no stocks since my sister took care of Lissa this April. She gave Lissa bm whenever Lissa looked like hungry - so Lissa didn't have the opportunity to get hungry - not like at her nursery before, where the bs usually waited up til Lissa was screaming out of her lung!!

So, i guess, i'll be stocking up like CRAAAZZYYYYY!

OK.. now i have to calculate how many bottles that i'm going to have..
I'll be going there for 6 days.
Lissa consumed around 20 oz during the day.. times 2 for night = 40 oz
6 days x 40 oz = 240 oz
240 oz divide by 3 oz per bottle = 80 bottles
ARE you crazyy??? oh my...
i dont know how and this is within very very short notice!
i have only 18 days to prepare for that
1 day = 4 ~ 5 bottles in the freezer!!
not included pumping for daily usage = 6 bottles
Daily = 10 ~ 11 bottles ??
Current situation = 4 ~ 6 bottles ..
I'm going to be really crazyy pumping mother this coming 18 days...!!
whatever for you my dear Lissa

Hopefully Lissa won't have to consume any formula..
May Allah blessed me with a lot of milk and supply..
Mommies, pray for me, k?
Tonight, i have to prepare some jantung pisang to boost up my milk supply..insyaAllah..

(Oh btw, my manager just discussed with me, asking whether i could go or not..discussed the flight details and all.. however, the approval paper not yet approved by our senior director. there's still possibility that i'm not going, yeay!!!)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Breastfeeding and the obstacles (part 2)

Last entry i made about this topic was last month. What triggered me to continue writing about this? It is about how sarcastic people can be and how annoyed I was facing people with very low mentality and lack of knowledge plus refusal to absorb knowledge.
What made me pissed off?
"Itu la tempat airin perah susu lembu"
OMG! i didn't know what to say, just kept it to myself so that i didn't explode. Come on!! Haven't you had your mom's milk when u were a baby? How dare you compare and relate cow's milk and human's milk? It is definitely different. How different are they?

1. Antibodies
Breastmilk - Helps your baby’s immune system gain strength, fighting off bacteria and viruses. When you or your baby is exposed to a virus or bacteria, your breast milk "fights back" by producing antibodies specific to that virus or bacteria.
Formula/Cow's milk - No antibodies – Antibodies that are in breast milk are not in cow’s milk / formula and cannot be artificially produced.

2. Water
Breast milk - contains the perfect amount of water to satisfy your baby’s thirst and adjusts to your baby’s needs.
Formula/Cow's milk - The amount of water in cow’s milk / formula can’t change to suit your baby’s need the way breast milk can.

3. Fat
Breast milk - contains more fat than cow’s milk and is more easily absorbed by your baby. This is one of the reasons that breast fed babies have different stools than bottle (formula) fed babies. Since the baby is not excreting any wasted fats the stool will be a yellow mustard color with a mildly sweet smell.
Formula/Cow's milk - The fat in cow’s milk / formula is very different than the fat in breast milk and your baby can’t absorb it as easily.

4. Protein
Breast milk – Protein that is used to help your baby’s body grow and develop is in just the right amount and in a form most readily absorbed.
Formula/Cow's milk -The amount of protein in cow’s milk / formula is at least double the amount in breast milk and is also a different and less digestible type.

5. Carbohydrates
Breast milk -  contains more carbohydrates than cow’s milk. These carbohydrates provide a very important source of energy
Cow’s milk / formula - smaller amounts of carbohydrates than breast milk.

6. Vitamins and minerals
Breast milk - As long as you, the mother, eat a reasonably well balanced diet, your breast milk will contain all of your baby’s vitamin and mineral requirements, until about age 6 months
Cow’s milk / formula has more of some vitamins and minerals and less of others than breast milk; it’s not the right amount for your baby.

7. Taste
Breast milk changes in taste, depending on the different foods the mother eats. Breastfed babies are more likely to accept new and different foods once they start on solids (not recommended until age 6 months) than their formula-fed peers, because formula tastes the same every single time, while breastmilk takes on a taste similar to the different foods a mother eats

There are over 100 ingredients in breast milk which ARE NOT in formula, even the new "DHA added" formulas. Formula is intended as a replacement for breastmilk when breastmilk is not available, but sadly, it does not even come close to it!
(information received from

See? I've listed all the dissimilarities between both. Now, I prayed that the guy who said that will suddenly realize how stupid he was.
Now, I've released all my bad feelings felt the whole day.

Swimming Time!!

Finally, I managed to take Lissa to the pool at our apt! itupun after my lovely-and-not-gemuk friend invited me (yes mommy nadia, u r not that gemuk. u're one of the hot mama i've ever known~wink!)
We went around 6:30 pm, and Mommy Nadia arrived at almost 7.After berendam for almost 30 mins, I have to take Lissa out, as her fingers are all kecut and turning purple..hehe.. sorry Lissa, mcm kena dera pulak.
Me, Lissa and my 2nd youngest sis
Me, Lissa and my youngest sis.
Lissa, move ur leg, don't look at the camera!
Ha, there you go!!
Balut Lissa with a towel and a blanket.
After a very nice warm bath, she was all smiling and laughing out loud with her abah.

To mommy nadia, yes, we should do this again! (not implying that u need all the calories burnt!)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Meet the new Lissa!

Hello mommies!
Meet the new Lissa.. the botak chin version !! 
At last! after planning for several months, at last we managed to shave Lissa's hair off. I hope by the time she's 1 year old, she'll have a very beautiful and thick hair. Although, i have to admit that she does look cuter without her hair! So geram with her rounder face and big eyes..staring at me..

 The process wents like this : 
First, mama took off my clothes. 
Then, mama has to hold me, and abah started to cut off my precious hair!! 
I couldn't stay quietly because i didn't want my hair to be removed! i have to dance all around so that my parents stop doing what they were doing!!
But, they didn't give up. Abah still continued with his cutting.. and mama told me that i have to "redha" (which i didn't know what it means)
Suddenly, my parents took me to the bathroom. and started filling my bathtub with water and PLENTY of my toys!! I was so excited that I didn't care what they wanted to do with me.
I didn't mind if my head looked like this.. yes, i was too busy playing, ok.
Oh, no!! The result?? Am i cuter?

Or, shinier??
Ooohh.. how i missed my messy hair....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bowling and Playdate Weekend

"Eh Lissa, lawa-lawa ni nak pergi mana?"
"Nak pergi tengok abah main bowling la, mama"
We went to Sunway Pyramid Megalane last saturday to watch and pom-pom our beloved man - Mr Rosman. It was a Selection Game for Casting Department for Proton Inter-dept Game 2010. 21 people turned up, and it was a fight game, i guess?
Before the game, me and my sis (act as a babysitter for Lissa until July) went to visit baby room at Parkson before she started any rumbling and grumbling.
Her light-up face - diapers changed (checked!) and full stomach (checked!)
Now, We are ready to watch and be pom-pom girls to Abah!!
Lissa amazed with her abah's robotic hand!
And the act begun...
I am actually amazed and feel proud everytime I went to watch he played. He was so good that he could knocked down a 7-10 split, often called "goal posts" or "bedposts", where the bowler is left with the leftmost and the rightmost pin in the back row (the number 7 and number 10) to knock down with a single ball to achieve a spare. (oh, don't call me a pro on bowling term. i have to google through the bowling term for this!)

[interlude : i fell in love with the game (not that i know how to play) when we watched together a japanese series drama-Golden Bowl. Trust me, the drama was worth to watch!Akutagawa played by Kaneshiro Takeshi was skillful and cute!!]

OK, back to the game.
Lissa was over excited that she forced herself not to sleep. She was interested with all the ball-throwing.

My husband posed with my sis aka 3-month-babysitter
At last! She gave in to the comfort of her sleeping zone ;)
Congratulations to my husband, Great Game, Fun Game! Wishing you and ur bowling team the best for InterDepartment Bowling game on the 18th.

The next day, Sunday, Lissa had her first playdate with my bestfriend's daughter.
There were A LOT of simillarities between us..
It were so coincidence that we were classmates when we were in Form 4 at MRSM Jasin.
Then we coincidently got the same place at PPP UiTM Shah Alam for Preparation Program for ADFP (American Degree Foundation Program)
We were neighbor during the stay (her room was right above mine) at Hostel Akasia UiTM for 1 year.
Again, we got the same place for our degree at Purdue University, out of many-many colleges in the US. (Although we took different major.She was in electrical engineering, and i was in Industrial engineering) 
I thought that were the end of the coincidences.. but then..
We finally got married to our man (of course to different men), on 25th December 2008 (the only different was my Nikah's date was on 24th Dec and my wedding reception was on 25th Dec; but for her, Nikah on 25th Dec and Wedding Reception on 27th Dec).
when u think that's enuff, no, there's more!
Coincidently, our husband's nickname is man (mine shortform from Rosman, hers shortform from Azman)..
Then, we got pregnant and seperated due date by only 2 weeks..
So, i thought, what else? at that time, during the regular checkups, she found out that her baby would be a baby boy, and mine baby girl.
And, we gave birth to our baby, slightly off 3 days, mine on 2nd oct 09, hers on 5th oct 09.
again, and again, i can't tell, how coincidence... how so similar our life has been... both of us got baby girl. She knew the fact once the baby was born.
(oh, btw her name is Shahida)
Ok, get back to the playdate.
We have been trying to meet since the day they were born. but too many things in between.. and finally, last Sunday marked the date.
She named her daughter Aira Sofea (luckily, names are different..fuuhh)
The first eye-to-eye meet (From left: Aira & Lissa)
Lissa : so amazed with the-so-putih Aira (just look at both of her parents - like i used to said to sha, no melanin pigmen..hehe)
Me posed with baby Aira

The baby talk~
  Finally, special pose with their moms. (again, Lissa amazed by Aira!)
and as usual.. Lissa was too tired after a playdate with Aira, fell asleep right after we went inside the car.

There you go, a full utilized weekend!
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